Month: March 2015

Spirit of Food

It is always so exciting when success comes through the door. There are so many challenges in life, which is the gift because this is how we grow. However, we all know in the dark moments, when we are alone we do not always welcoming this “gift”. It is exciting when the light is shining bright and we have a success. Just wanted to share and thank you for the love and support!

I just got word that this article will be a featured article on Gaiam’s 21 day conscious cleanse campaign. YAY!!

Much Love

They are mocking us!!


A few weeks back Tad and I were picking up a few things at the “grocery store” and as I glanced over the “organic” aisle, I was deep in thought and still very confused as to why we have to pay more for “organic” food. Doesn’t that seem like mockery to you? I mean they are admitting, yes, you indeed have to pay more for food that is not loaded with preserves, dye’s (that are now officially linked to all types of blood cancers), and a lot of words that I can’t even say. The governing bodies, that people think are out there protecting them, are literally laughing at us. You people are so easy…..

So, in the midst of the measles panic, an outbreak of epic proportions, I came to a deep realization that moving “off grid” may be the only way to avoid future mockery. Then it happened….a final blow, deep into the trenches of the grocery store that I avoid at all costs…Tad made a connection. As we walked by the aisles he happened to notice something very strange. He said “WOW, they have the breakfast cereal in the same aisle as the candy. Now they are just making us look ridiculous.”

I immediately had a flashback to my childhood and my morning  breakfast ritual eating my Apple Jacks and Coco Krispies, intensely figuring out the maze or game on the back of the box. I mean the box had a prize in it and so many fun games, I remember begging my mom to buy more… This isn’t about making my mom “bad”, she was a single mom who was doing everything to give her children a great life. I am so grateful for my mom. I am also grateful that in my mid-twenties I met several people who began to open my eyes to what real food is and how important it is to “eat well”. As grateful as I am and as humble as I am for the people who took the time to share, I have realized that not everyone wants to know what is happening. I have to say, I get it. Life can sometimes be so overwhelming that even getting food on the table feels like a success. There is no blame and we all have to start somewhere. It seems like everyday someone shares a piece of information that gets added to my “best practices of being healthy”, so start by just being aware of what is in your home. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed because it can be easy to do. Below are a few tips that started me in the right direction when I started my journey…

1. Ingredient Lists: When food has ingredients in it that you can say out loud because you have never heard of it, that may be an indicator that it is loaded with preservatives. (Preservatives have all kinds of very crafty names…basically they preserve shelf life at the grocery store for a very long time. Do a science project and see just how long these foods last…mold will not even eat many of them…so what are they doing to us?,,20708150,00.html

2. The truth in sugar:Sugar is a parasite…

Whole body research international (great video)

This is what the American Heart Association says is a “safe” amount of sugar for Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons).

Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons). serving size, a lot of times it isn’t even a full cup and the amount of sugar is literally unbearable to see.

Look below to the amounts of sugar just in 1 serving, 3/4 to 1 cup of the cereal… This is just the start of the day. I would be scared to know just how much sugar a child gets in one day? The part that tends to get frustrating is that kids are given candy as rewards at school all day then asked to be put on medicine because they can not sit in their seats  ???  Just stating the obvious…and you can no longer say “it is just one time” because candy is given out on a daily basis.

IMG_2846 IMG_2849 IMG_2854

3. Food Dye: Food should not be dyed

This is not a ploy to scare you, but in the wake of the measles debate I have to bring up a very real point…  Food dyes are not only linked to ADHD, but they are linked to myriad of “DIS – ease” including cancer. The reality is that Blue 1 and 2, yellow 5, red 40 they are banned in many countries, why not the US?

Eating whole foods (avoiding the aisles) is always a good starting point. Take a moment to understand the connection between what we put into our body and our health. There is no blame, we are all doing our best. I am always so humbled when I see another aspect of health that I may have not clearly understood before, it shows us no one knows it all. It shows us that we are all growing…

Please add resources that will support those out there that want to look at their food choices, but are overwhelmed with where to start. Extend a hand to help another just as you were extended. Take a moment to move beyond judgment and share!!

Many blessings!