Month: November 2011

Thanks and giving

What an amazing week?  It is never easy to hear the words…”you will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.”, but I won’t be the first or the last to share in this experience.  So for this is the time to ultimately give thanks and gratitude for all that we have in life….the lists will go on when you feel moved.

I am grateful for the fact that on Friday I got word that I am free of the loveolution…comeplete remission.  YAY!!!! What better news could there be for my family on a day of Thanksgiving.  It was shocking and there were many tears because this is the start of a new life.  Right after they uttered the words of remission they began talking about bone marrow transplant which is very different from the Hollywoodized idea of transplant from many moons ago.  Today, it is quite anticlimactic, where it looks just like a blood trasfusion.  However, the gift in this story today was that they told me my only biological brother was a match.  My heart stopped, tears were uncontrollable.  My brother and I have not had the closest relationship over the years and it wasn’t for lack of love, just diffeent people.  My mom took my hand in hers and we just cried.  She said he knew that he was going to be  a match as if soemone gave her insight as to what was to come.  He was a 20 percent chance that I would fit his profile so I am considerring a blessing in life.  From understanding the process of transplant it is no joke, but having a related donor match which, makes the whole process much easier as it is your genetic line.  Metaphotirically, when we spoke our energy and kindness sent a different message over the phone. I can only imagne what it feels like to the have the opportunity to save a family memeber…to give life?  He actaully told me he would do whatever he had to to save my life as it was not even a question.  The process is actaully easier these days to be a donor, but just the commiment and love to walk through this process shows the deep ingrained love that leads us in truth.

Family can be the circle tha causes us much angst when we get caught up in all  fictitious parts of life.  When we let the ego guide us down the road of “we are right” and they are wrong”.  But at the end of the day we are family…we have choosen each other to learn from and to heal the realationship.  Sometimes it goes in a direction of defense, but the more we focus on the truth of tearing down all the boundaries as it is just another relationship that should be loved with verocity and forgiven with ultimate light, we begin to heal.   However, sometimes it takes an “illness” to wake up everyone to the gift of family and especially that extention to each person in the world.  Sometime, it just takes an event…..whatever the experience that is were we show gratitiute and we start giving.  We give in a new direction without ego and we love in a new direction that gives the insight to love with reckleckess abandon for each human on this earth.

Family may be the first line of defence that we attack or take ou ton the world on bc we believe they have to listen, but in reality this group should be the ones we cherish the most.  We all have our back story which infact is the reason you have your story.  The protecton to whichever degree opened up a whole new world for you to discover and explore.  We come together on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we have to ask ourself the question:  Do we truly give thanks?  Do we truly appreciate the insight even if we persoanally don’t agree?  Do we just chalk it up to love bc they are family and without then how different would the shade of our tree look. It is not your judge to hold the grudge, but it is your door to open the door with love!!!


Many blessings,


A Gift and A Pose

Becoming a Yoga Teacher was such a special experience and time in my life.    The choice to embark on the path to becoming a teacher was met with all kinds of emotions;  I was basically offering myself up in the rawest form, so letting go of fear and insecurity was a big part of the process to make space for the gifts that yoga would teach me.

Prior to teacher training, I was an avid yoga practitioner and like most was drawn to the path through the idea that yoga offers intense physical fitness that may be gentler on the body.  Over the years, I have observed yoga in many forms, but for me this practice or philosophy is continuously teaching me to connect, evolve, love and forgive;  it is a way of living.   One of my favorite parts of this practice is that you are always a student first and becoming a teacher only smoothes out the circle, as you begin to share the teachings through your own expression.  In addition, Learning and evolving as a student and then lovingly teaching others to soften their ego, open their hearts, and let the practice melt and mold their life, is such a beautiful experience.  I have gotten the opportunity to watch yoga spill into many lives and wash away so many negative emotions/experiences, clearing space for the practitioner to fill up with love, peace, and begin the process of changing the way we think and/or  live.  It has been such a blessing as I have learned and  been inspired by so many yogis.

From the 8 limbed path, the asana (Hatha – physical poses) practice is what attracts most students.  Every pose is guided with breath, creating and opening a space which  allows a natural flow of energy, filling one up with the powerful vibration of love while at the same time softening the ego.  Every yoga pose is constantly evolving and presenting the yogi with a different set of challenges.  When we move into a pose we explore, starting with breath and alignment, but then moving into a much deeper experience.  We move deeper into the pose till we find the sweet space where our mind softens in combination with the physical essence making way for the connection to spirit.  This feels like the brightest, warmest light guiding us to the seat of our soul, which divinely balances the mind, body, connection.  One pose that offers a unique connection to this feeling is Triangle pose.

A triangle has three equal sides that in yoga form represents the mind, body, and spirit.  This pose teaches us to be strong and through strength seek balance in all aspects.  For me personally, this pose has always presented many challenges which is really exciting as each challenge will present an opportunity to evolve in the pose and life.  While in Triangle pose, a practitioner creates a beautiful line of energy from the hip to the crown of the head (one angle).  Oftentimes, when creating this line or angle we sacrifice another angle losing internal and external balance.  As a teacher, I have watched so many struggle and/or suffer within this pose.  Going too deep to the floor with your hand closes off your hip, your foundation, if not planted strongly, will offset the support you need to work the upper portion of the pose, and a hundred little subtleties in between….this metaphorically represents life so adequately which is why it is one of my favorite poses.  Why do we choose to struggle or suffer at all?   There are so many ways to make this pose more accessible to each yogi, but the point here is that mirroring triangle pose, in life we often choose to struggle or make things more challenging following the guide of the ego.

After observing many triangle poses, I believe that on the outside we want the pose (our life)  to look picture perfect as this is our (societies) idea of measure.  We are challenged by the belief that if it doesn’t fit into “perfect” then it might not be right or we are doing it wrong.  Naturally, if we do not allow time to learn in the pose and surrender to the pose we will never understand the true essence of the pose in its entirety.  Forcing oneself too deep into the pose before we are ready will create imbalance and throw off the “tri” angle weakening the basis of the pose.

What triangle pose taught me:

I have spent every class in at least one triangle pose and I have spent many classes struggling with how I think the pose should look.   After years, I realized that surrendering to the pose and to the practice my body would naturally soften to a place where I would find a spiritual openness.  A place where vital life force would lift me up to an awareness going far beyond the pose.  This place I feel the breath connecting to my heart and moving throughout my entire body;  the earth beneath my feet feels like it is the only support I need in the world because we are all one.  When it actually comes to the idea of the “tri” angle or mind/body/spirit,  I have realized the greatest gift of all:  The spirit is love, the spirit is God, God is the spirit, and God is love.  The spirit is the only angle that we need to believe is perfect in its divinity.  When we KNOW this all the angles in our life will be in perfect harmony.  We will begin to listen and be guided by this internal spirit instead of our environment.  We will embrace the loving nature of life and soften all the boundaries that we have created and have been created for us.  We will forgive always without reason, we will love stronger as it comes from an internal fire, and we will embrace the true idea of peace that runs through each soul.  We will recognize oneness for its true definition and apply this to everyday living, identifying the ego as the plan that keeps us believing we are separate.

May we all embrace this gift, peeling back the layers of our veil and connect to our divine spirit!

Many blessings in light,


A day of Thanks!

Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I’ll remember.

Involve me and I’ll understand – Confucius

There is a story that Tad shared with me about his journey in Iraq that has always been with me.  It effected me in so many ways because of the emotion that I felt when he shared the story, but it went so far beyond my expectation; a nice surprise in the lesson of the present moment.

Tad was in Iraq and Kuwait in the beginning of the war.  It was obviously a very scary time as going to war and the word itself holds so much power.  I am sure the experience changed his life in many ways and some of that he did share, but I can not fully understand what this experience would be like even if I imagine it 50 times over.  So I listened…  It was one of his first nights there and they had full chemical suits that had to be worn when the sirens engaged.  It was early in the am and he was sleeping when the sirens blasted….he got into his suit and headed for the bunker which was dug into the ground.  There he looked from left to right watching his fellow servicemen in full suit and gas mask, waiting for the all clear sign.   When he shared with me what that moment felt like it was so powerful:  It was maybe a little fear, but mostly  it was a feeling of connection to his fellow servicemen… a strong sense of serving his country.

This to me is such a powerful story of living within your breath.  In that moment Tad did not know what was coming his way, but he naturally engaged in the emotion of the gift of the present.  He felt such strong emotion to the present breath of his journey, instead of living in the future or the land of “what if”.  No one has a guarantee in life, but there are definitely situations in life that force us to live within each breath.  To taste the sweetness of each one and connect you with the ideal life of living this way always.  These situations are a gift because they show us that living in the present moment is the beginning of awareness.  The beginning of expanding our truth and starting to live consciously.  It opens the door to Gratitude and Grace; truly embracing the emotion of being thankful for all the gifts in our life in this moment.

As I will never know what it feels like to be in the military or be involved in wartime, through oneness I got to experience many of Tads gifts that shifted him to living and having gratitude for the Present that is within each breath.  I listened to many of his experiences, without judgment of politics of war, without my opinion.  I listened to the emotion of his experiences and with this I too shifted.

When we begin to set free from the future and embrace our past, we slide right into the present.  We enjoy each breath more, we surrender to how we believe we are suppose to live, and we experience LIVING!

Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin!     ~Grace Hanson

Thank you all to the servicemen and women who have served this country!  I have learned much from your experiences.

Love and light,


It’s Simple Math

“Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem? The rule is already established, and it is our task to work out the solution.”


Last night I stepped out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital to take my first real breath of fresh air.  Even with a mask on and the smell of the city, it was a very very sweet breath.  Tad looked at me when we loaded into the car and said “are you ready to go home?”  Words that never sounded so good.  We set off to head back to Dudley, driving through the beautiful city of Boston.  People rushing to get on and off the T, I wondered as I looked at each person what they were rushing too….home from work to see their family, a date, a night with friends.  It is amazing to wonder what is happening in someone else’s life after you reflect upon your own sometimes.  We all have something exciting and for me it was heading home to see my family and sleep in “home”.

On the way home Tad and I caught up on all kinds of things and just enjoyed being together.  As we got closer to home I couldn’t help but let scary thoughts try to creep into my head.  The last 4 days in the hospital were mentally tough days and were a challenge on the ability to recognize doubts and fear;  so again, last night it was again a challenge to keep these doubts and fears at bay.  A tool that I have been using regularly these past few days was to surrender the thought to God.  Not even process it, not try to figure it out…just completely let it go to God.  It is a great tool that works almost always and last night was no different, but what was different was that in return I got a clear thought back almost immediately.  This is already decided that I am well.  I just let the thought flow through me because it felt so great.

Walking through the door to the most precious face and clapping hands…”mommy is home!!!!” was one of the best moments in my life.  Sawyer is just such a love and made my homecoming the best.  Also, my parents have made such space for our family and have done so much to make this an easy time that I felt such ease as if I was walking into “my home”.  Seeing them all together in the doorway was amazing.  After just a minute through the door, Sawyer proceeded to run around the house and show me all the things I missed in about 10 seconds as time has no concept especially to a little.  (including bedtime)  But last night was special, so we continued to enjoy the moment.

This morning Tad let me sleep in and get adjusted.  I feel great, but I am moving a bit slower which is probable for the best.  I know this will make a friend of mine that continues to tell me I move way to fast all the time and I need to sllllooooowwww down, very happy.  I spent some time reading and I came across a paragraph that really made such sense.  “Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem? The rule is already established, and it is our task to work out the solution.”  It hit me like bricks…the problem is already solved, “I am well” so it is up to me to show the solution.  This just explained and made sense to about 35 years.  Knowing that the problem is already solved gave me such comfort.  I can make this really hard or I can just sit with the idea that the problem is already solved and feel gratitude that the solution is there whether I believe I know it or not.  I am the image and likeness of God and I ask that you all hold me in that light as I hold you.


Many blessings in light,


Healing Begins

“Our of your innermost being, rivers of waters flow.

Out of your innermost being, joy celestial flow.

Out of your innermost being, banishing all of your fears;

Our of your innermost being, Jesus appears.”

IT HAS BEEN 3 LONG LONG Weeks and the longest roller coaster ride of emotions I have ever known.  Starting this journey off in Chicago and it being such an unexpected turn in life events has taught me many lessons.  It really shows you that we can plan and have direction, but really life is the dancer and we are the dance.  I have less days that make this news seem like it is new.  I believe that much of the processing and healing will begin when I am home.   I have been living in a small room with only a small hallway to escape for walking.  Colleen and Wendy were visiting from Chicago this weekend and were laughing when I took them to “my track”.  20 times around is a mile/40 is 2.  It is four short hallways which I guess can make you a bit dizzy…or so I was told yesterday.  However, it is what has given me much solice from the four walls of room 52.  It was so great to have them visit.  They did body work on me and colleen did Reflexology and Cranial Sacral.  I am blessed to have such amazing friends and support as I can not imagine getting through this without all of it.  I feel refreshed.

Today, I am awaiting the word to go home!!!!  The thing holding me up….insurance.  So a lesson in patience is really taking its toll as I am so ready to be home with my family and animals.  It was 3 weeks ago that I boarded a plane and came right from the airport to Dana Farber.  I am itching to be home, the reminder is that home is internal so I am trying to find the grace when it is most challenging to feel that internal fire instead of frustration.  I am focusing on the flow of this journey and taking it all one day at a time.

I am feeling really good.  So far all news is good.  Bloodwork is showing nothing but good news as is my energy and overall appearance.  I will have a bone marrow biopsy next week and that will confirm the success of the first part of treatment which is really exciting!   Keep positive healing thoughts for me and I for you!!


Much love and light!


Expectations of walls

Yesterday was a great day!!  I got a visit from two of the greatest men in my life….Sawyer and Tad.  Sawyer had not been up to the “hospital”,  yet so I had much concern about the physical suggestion of illness.  How would he see his mommy and her new environment?  With a little boy that has so much energy, how would he feel about the fact that his mom could only play in a very small room?  These were all questions that were rolling through my head as, Courtney (day nurse) helped me complete my head shave.

Let me backtrack a moment.   When I really started to notice my hair falling out I figured, whatever it is just hair.  Well, it was just more then hair and it had some profound effects that I didn’t quite think of until I got past the “it is just hair and it will grow back”.  Once I noticed it coming out far too fast, I thought it would be fun to do the traditional “Joan of Arc” haircut.  So I took to my hair with a pair of scissors and you would have thought I was a top trained hair stylist.  (or probably I just thought I was a top trained stylist…I am sure there would have been a lot of painful looks in the audience..LOL).   It was soo freeing just to use my hair as a canvas and get to just create something because I had no fear of the outcome.   What if it didn’t fit my long face? What if it didn’t look good?  Well the shave was coming next, so this was just a middle step for fun.  And fun it was, as I continued to angle and shape each cut to be free from the next.  There was no direction just pure fun and adventure…when I was done I have to say it was cute.  I could pull off the ultimate short hairdo.  So what had ever stopped me before from having such a super super short fun hair cut?  Answer: Expectation of Walls.  Women have to get haircuts that will make them look better.  Being real of course there are styles that look better on some then others, but really how often do we miss the mark bc of the “walls we believe we are suppose to live”.  You may ask how can a hair cut really impact such a serious ideal.  It isn’t so much about the haircut it is more the metaphor that the haircut represents.

The wall: We begin to create and cultivate these walls the early moments we are born.  All the people in our life write on these walls, imprinting and  leaving their mark on best practices of living.  I must say that these imprints are mostly coming from love and best intention so should be embraced as such, as this is not the rebellious act of jumping the wall to  escape.  This is the realization that, in our adulthood, we need to begin construction to our walls so that at any time in life we can maneuver into new territory that will gel and support new beautiful experiences without holding us back.   All this from a hair cut!  LOL Onto the cut….

Just a short day later, the head shave.  I didn’t think it would be that big a deal.  I had already cut my long hair off with no attachment whatsoever, I did the Joan cut, and then this.  But the emotions that streamed from my heart, as I watched my hair fall to the floor, piece by piece was beyond my anticipation.  It was almost like I was silently crying for each piece as this was a rebirth in so many directions.  The first look in the mirror was hard as I “thought” it classified me as “being sick”.   It was the first time that I felt I could not hide behind my current journey, every last insecurity open to air.  However,  the struggle is that I am Well and I want people to hold that image of highest divinity for me as I need to do for myself.  But I too have been filled with empathy and sympathy when you see people externally showing a challenge.  This is so subconscious and deeply ingrained within us that it really takes conscious effort to change.  Sympathy and empathy certainly should be something we feel bc it connects us with our human oneness of caring, but then it must shift to empowerment.  This persons life will never be the same and it is a great blessing that will shift the shape of their wall.   We have all had internal struggles, depending on what they are the outside world  may or may not ever  know.  Think of what an impact this struggle made on your life and then imagine if you shared it fully.  Maybe it would be scary or freeing, but nonetheless empowering bc of the support and love the would help you in your moments of weak thoughts.   This was just confirmed for me as the day continued.

Sawyer and Tad got here around 2.  The light in his eyes when he saw his mommy was compared to that first glance shared at birth.  The love is just bound, so deep that it has it own language.  However, what happened next was the unexpected… I took off my little beenie hat to show Sawyer my new hair cut….he thought it was the funniest thing he has ever seen.  He was laughing and rubbing it, just thought it was awesome.  All the worries, concerns, all were for not because in that moment I learned a lesson that I hope I learn for the rest of my life, everyday:  Sawyer only saw his mommy’s heart.  He didn’t see a haircut, or cool mommy clothes (or bad ones LOL).  He didn’t see the things we plan or teach him to better his life.  He just saw the love in my heart that grows everyday for him, the familiar love that he kisses and hugs each night.  Through the eyes of a two year old, life is love which is the emotion that molds then during their young life.  As each child begins to grow there are more people participating in the shaping of the wall and impacting it in so many ways.  Don’t get me wrong I subscribe to the village, but the village all needs to have the same foundation: LOVE.

As we grow into our adult hood our walls get bigger, stronger, much more is written, often times too much more.  The dry erase marker doesn’t work as well, and there are even some nails that have left marks.  However, just the awarness that we bounce back and forth between these walls can be the jolt we need to make the choice to reconstruct and recreate, allowing a new sense of freedom and simple possibility.  Holding dear to us the experiences that have shaped us, but allowing for new molding as we can create any reality we want.  Letting go of the writings that are no longer serving us and making peace with allowing in new experiences.

So what a day it was to visit with Tad and Sawyer and of course Cindy, who in such a short time I feel such a connection.  The day was a big milestone in this adventure.  Today I am getting fitted for a wig which will be so much fun…..let me tell you I think pink is going to suit my personality just great!  The doctors are so pleased with all the progress that I have made and things are just going amazing.  They are anticipating that I will either go home this weekend or shortly after the weekend, so that is such welcomed news.  I have decided jail is not for me!  🙂

Thank you all for your love and support.  I know that as life moves forward the shock of this news gets softer which it should, but the love and support in my life just get stronger which is so appreciated.  I also want to thank Tad, Papa Dave, Gaaama, and Erin for making this hospital stay as easy for me as possible.  Tad you are such an amazing father so the fact that I do not have to worry in absence just offers more energy to be focused on the adventure.  I love you all!!




The sanskrit word Kula refers to a community of the heart, where a group comes together of its own free will to intentionally support the union between power and consciousness.  The union supports each individual in love and lifts up the idea of oneness.  Learning becomes the internal bond between the space and those that occupy it, the love synergy  keeps such a woven lock of support and confidence.  To be a part of a space like this is simply amazing.  It may happen in your neighborhood, communities from coast to coast, but the one common bond, even in the differences that each space may share, is that it is protected and sacred.  This space becomes an opportunity to share your vulnerabilities, your fears, your desires without  needing to have reinforcements from your ego.   It is just trusted that the energy of the space will support this journey for you to soften your ego and reunite with your truth in spirit.

I am so blessed to have found sound such a special home in the Yoga Effect.  It is a space that has much love, many ideas, and words spoken just through a glance.  It is an external space that warms the transition to your internal ideals for healing and love.  It was started just a short time ago, by a young woman (Anna O) who was this vision.   This vision now just continues to evolve in the direction that it needs to in order to support the community.

Sitting here in Boston, I meditate upon the energy of teaching classes and the joy of students as we all come together to learn from one another.  Teacher/ Student is the title, the learning has no boundaries.  As I continue to heal I am beginning to broaden  and identify other “Kulas” that exist for me in life.

My family Kula is one that goes beyond words.  Coming from a very large family, it is amazing to think of all the blessings that each memeber brings forward.  Family can certainly take on many words as we all know that there is not one that is perfect.  However, it is the uniqueness that we offer and tolerate bridging the gap to love that is the lesson of oneness as the described above “Kula”.   No matter how we see each other and what we may believe best for each other, The LOVE ALWAYS EXISTS IN FAMILY.   It is tested time and time again.  When we let go of the idea of perfection and all the annoyances (which are just mirror effects to begin with anyway) we sometimes set the trap for ourselves and we breakthrough love.  We support each other the way we can and with that string of love is just one string that connects to another, weaving the ring of the family circle.  Over time, as we pull the veil down one layer at a time, the circle will continue to extend through trust, love and abolishment of humility and judgment.  We will just learn and overcome to love deeper and embrace more.

As I woke up to my new Joan of Arc haircut this am, I laughed bc I know my family and friends would find the same humor as I did.  Moving forward as I get to try on all kinds of styles, hats, wigs and let me tell you this is going to be fun.  It is the support of my family and friends that is making this fun, stomping out any suggestion of fear even if they need to do some stomping out too.


I love you all so much!


Many blessings in light!




The first day we got to Boston, there was not a whole lot of laughter.  I was practically a shell of thought and just being.  So when I got off my flight from Chicago and checked into Brigham and Women’s hospital for the month, I was uncertain where I would be able to see laughter which I know is definitely a best medicine.  Also, a big part of my personality.  Although I have never been to a  laughter yoga class, just the idea of thinking of things that make me laugh out loud or were silly enough a prospect put a smile to my face. So I began to pretend I was at laughter yoga class….some pretty old funny things made their way to the surface.  Those of you who know me well can only imagine!
Continuing the journey of laughter on  floor 4c was the perfect beginning.  Meg possibly one of the funniest nurses I have ever come across, has no problem busting out into a different dialect to fit the need of the situation…making that which may seem serious somehow not serious at all.  Then of course how could you not join into the loveolution of acting.  “the world is our stage and 4C has become quite a stage”.  The nurses are wanting to do yoga so we are trying to figure that out….so we are just focusing on the simple fundamentals.    Most of the patients on this floor are much older, so I am marching around here like so what are we going to do today?  So funny has really been a mix of personalities, experiences, and just pure joy. In addition, movies, emails that people are sending are HILARIOUS, and of course a few momumental things that I must share tonight on this Halloween night!

The next morning, after being admitted,  the doctor gave me a day pass out to the city.  They said there were not going to start treatment till Monday so enjoy the day with a mask and gloves.  YAY…sounded like good times and perfect for Halloween.  But the city was full of life and weather was set up just for this reason so off we went.  The first day Tad and Sawyer picked up me and my mom in front of the hospital to begin our day in the city.  We drove down town to Quincy Market to be out doors and see lots of people bc you are assured a great deal of laughter.  Without question it was an amazing day. I had a few moments that were tough, watching Sawyer and Tad play.  They are just so connected on so many levels and I knew that no matter what happens to me all would be fine.  They were chasing each other all over the park and a couple stopped as I was taking pictures to assure me she has the same photos and they are well worth it.  A sign  🙂

Then my mom and I went over to Tias on the water to watch the boats and talk.  We noticed a man going barrel to barrel looking for food and of course in my current condition I had no boundaries.  So of course I made my mom do the dirty work and carry over a $20 to this man for dinner.  As she tapped him on the shoulder, he slightly jumped.  He then proceeded to rip up the $20 and call her  a fat, ugly hag.  HMMMMMMM so he was not well and clearly my offer was not either.  My mom and I almost pissed our pants as we tried to recoop the $20 he had thrown back into the trash without being exposed to “germs”.  Can you see this site, me in gloves and a mask sifting for a $20….REALLY.

Then shortly after Sawyer had to go to the bathroom, so Tad took him to the Longward Marriot.  In the bathroom, a man a few stalls down was having a rough go and apparently let a really, really loud one go.. For all of you that know my son there would be the perfect response for the perfect storm.  Sawyer in response said “I heard that”….from the mouth of babes.  It was these 2 events, within moments of each other,  that were filled with so much laughter that allowed me to find comfort in the journey that lay ahead.  There were tears, laughter, motivation, support, and all coming from the most divine person when least expected.  This all happened when I just let go and let God.  I have officically surrendered and it feels so freeing.

In connection to this Halloween night, a night where many believe the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest of the year.  This is a time where you can manifest and connect to Gods will in a renewed way.  You can surrender to the most Divine Power and listen, making the most beautiful changes in your life, to live with happiness, to love with reckless abandon, and to forgive within and peacefully.  Through these truths of spirit, you realize that laughter is one of the many joys that we need to embrace beauty in life daily.  However, it is the surrender to God, combining spirit and love that sets us free.

May we all laugh a little harder today and allow the serious side of life to just float away.


Happy Halloween!!!


Love and light,