Month: December 2013

Finding our edges

“Yoga is a dance between control and surrender, between pushing and letting go, and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being.”     ~ Joel Kramer

This week was a special week for a number of reasons.  I have been practicing gratitude journaling and each day it makes me realize something more expressive about my soul.  I am journaling different then just writing what is on my mind I have three specific questions:

1. What do you have to be grateful for in this moment? Not even today, just in the very that I take time to journal.  It has surprised me how unique my gratitude offerings have been and I find myself feeling like I am digging through a closet that is long past due to be cleaned.

2. How does this effect my life in this moment?

3. Write to your soul and listen for the answer?  This may sound silly, but writing to your soul is like writing to God as God is one with our soul.  To ask yourself a question and listen you may be so caught off guard at the answer.  

Another exciting event was that last night I spoke for the very first time about “Project Loveolution”  I spoke to an amazing group that I felt listened intently as I shared my journey back into the seat of my soul.  The fear, the empowerment, the lessons, all the grouping of wisdom that God has shared with me while healing.  Healing really isn’t on the physical level, it is healing in your heart.   After the talk the energy in the room was filled with love and excitement.  People sharing, listening, and just plain excited to be with each other.  It was epic, truly epic.  

When I got home and climbed into bed I thought about edges.  In yoga you often practice working your edges, seeing how far you can take a pose but working somewhere in the middle which is how you actually move forward, being in a space where you can let go and be in control.  I thought about this in life, living our edges.  During my talk there were a few things that I wanted to share, but I felt my soul was not ready to release the story.  I had a physical reaction and just knew it wasn’t the night, however, at the end of the night I surrendered to the fact that I worked as close to my edge to share a journey that was life changing and challenging.  How different the scope of my life is today as compared to 2 years ago.  Most people can say the same as we are always changing, but the question is how are we pushing ourselves to develop our edges with our soul.  

I realized in my writing that I have worked a lot of my soul growth alone, but that it was time to work and push myself with others.  Attending workshops, groups, meditations, as well as working in my own heart space.  Knowing that it was again time to lovingly push myself to share a story to those who are ready to hear it.  

Last night 3 people told me I was there sign.  I have no idea for what, but the beauty of it is that God gave them their sign disguised in a talk about the Loveolution.  In my heart I have let go and surrendered to what all this has meant.  I have written a book guided by a higher power that shares a beautiful journey.  I have laid out my edges, sharing my ultimate truth as it is in the present moment.

I look forward to sharing more and learning more from those that I work with on the Loveolution Project.


Love and light,