Stand Down: The truth behind “American Sniper” No reactions necessary!

You can sit and enjoy the puppet show, or you can find a way backstage, up the latter to meet the director of strings. This will reveal the opportunity to begin a platform that evolves with truth and love.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with movies of war. I am not sure if it is the historical events that lead to war or the fact that history keeps re-playing itself over and over again. Maybe it is the intensity and trust that ignites from the brotherhood of love that is created when we all have the same goal…even though no one is winning. Regardless, I am always honored to step into a story through the eyes of another and just listen without judgment. This opens the door of opportunity to place your emotional opinion to the side, listen, and learn. “American Sniper” was just the door to walk through.

Since the release of “American Sniper”, it has sparked a fury of supporters in all directions. Although it wasn’t the best movie of our time, it was a brilliant story told by the heart of Chris Kyle. It is never easy to watch the affects of war, but the reality is that these images have imprinted with great impact and emotion. This imprint is so powerful, that it can trigger a physical reaction for those who have lived it.

After the movie was over, they paralleled to the real pictures of Chris Kyle and his family, which just made it so real. Leaving the movie theater, you could here a pin drop. You could feel the emotion; a light that was inspired inside all of us that yearns to be understood in a misunderstood world. There were a lot of tears, and you could easily identify those who have served as the sense of pride oozed from every cell in their body.

All night, I couldn’t stop thinking of this man I had never met. I wondered deeply about what he had seen, the perspective he felt when he was in a country that is filled with so many limiting beliefs. I then wondered what it would be like to be a woman in that world, while I sat here a woman in the same world with a completely different perspective. When we sit with a powerful thought and just let it bleed in our heart, it becomes the teacher.

When I woke this morning I was still thinking about the impact this story left on my heart and again, it wouldn’t take long before it was back on the screen, this time right in my living room. The “Today Show” was running a piece about the backlash of “American Sniper”. It was a debate of the “Hollywood’s” and Chris Kyle’s integrity and honor were at the center of it all.

I have listened to many deep debates on world politics and it just ignites a battle of the wills. These conversations create more anger, more judgment, inspiring a greater divide. So I ask you to stand down, listen without judgment, without the need to be right because we all can learn so much from the story of another.

After the clip I knew I too, needed to take a breath. It was during my pause and space of humility that I realized something greater. We are all living this human experience to find love and trust, a brotherhood that stands for each other. We are all looking to live our purpose and be better. The story of Chris Kyle is simply the reflection of a journey that was inspired by great challenge.

Chris Kyle willing joined a group he believed was a part of liberation, regardless of what anyone thinks from a political standpoint. The bravest part of this experience comes when he walks through his story to find peace. Most of us spend a lifetime trying to go around our challenges, Chris Kyle showed us how he walked through his challenge to again find his light. True to his light, he would then turn to his brothers and walk with them till they saw the light in themselves. Now that is a hero!

We really need to go beyond the puppet show and try to understand what is really happening without the guise of judgment, so this is where is gets real. Please stop debating something that you have not lived and take a moment to see it, to learn from it, to appreciate it without it building you a soapbox. Sit as close as you can, from the eyes of another, and just listen.

We are all here for a purpose and we all have a story, but we are NOT our story. We are here to learn, be vulnerable, make mistakes, and love. On a deep level we are all craving this, no matter how much we try to separate ourselves from one another.

The reason why there even is a debate about a man who did his best is because we are all craving to be a part of this truth. This is where I will blaze a path with sincerity and that I do my best everyday to follow: When we stop judging, when we stop reacting to every mistake that another makes, when we stop pouncing on our personal vulnerably and sit with humility is when we will see the light. You can continue to fight in whatever way you want, but one thing I am learning is that you will be fighting forever.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn over and over, that we simply are all sourced from the same gift, which is love. Chris Kyle shared his heart; his vulnerability that stemmed from his experiences. It has been a great reminder that we are not perfect and it is through the eyes of another that we can embrace our imperfection to move away from judgment, towards acceptance.

Thank you Chris Kyle for being a hero!