Month: May 2015

Are you a repressing your emotions?


Here is a copy link to both articles written to support each other in our quest to move beyond our emotions into our authentic being, known as the soul!

Many blessings,

Holly Peckskamp

Sending so much love on this amazing journey of growth and inspiration!


4 ways to transform your emotional health!!

This is part 2 of the emotional stuffing article. This topic of emotional wellness or emotional intelligence, is an extremely important one. Just like we are not our thoughts (the intelligent part of the brain that analyses everything, especially your replayed story..over and over), we are also not our emotions. Emotions NEED to move through you, they are opportunities to transform.

Recently I had an opportunity to put this to the test, I taught a yoga class for a large group of teachers at a local school. As I walked into the gym it was very clear to me that this was a mandatory event. Many of the teachers had very concerned looks and some even toed the line of anxiety. So quickly, I switched gears as teaching yoga is not about a theme and  poses thrown together, this is about a message that links to our authentic being (soul).

So in the present moment of feeling vulnerable, I started the class discussing this very topic.  As adults we do EVERYTHING we can do to control our environment so the possibility of experiencing anything uncomfortable, like vulnerability, is cast aside. This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, we ask our children to be vulnerable everyday! We ask them to make new friends, be kind, be a leader, but yet as grown adults we cling to our peers in the face of something new. Secondly, these opportunities or challenges are the perfect moment to move emotion through you, LET IT GO! LET GO, LET GOD!

I hope this article paints the understanding of our emotional heart center in a deeper way. These suggestions are just a few of many!  Please share anything that has helped you move through your emotions.

Many blessings,

Holly Peckskamp