Month: January 2014

Inner strength

Life is busy, if we make it busy.  We are stressed if we let ourselves call it stress.  Our life is chaos if this is the perspective we give to it.

I have never had so many exciting things happening all at one time, a rarity to have such an extreme pace for life. We are moving, we bought a house, we are starting the adoption process, and Always A Loveolution will be released in two weeks; not to mention all of life’s normal activities.  There have been some tears and a lot of smiles as we prepare our trek to Wisconsin in three weeks.  I am sad to leave family, but family is always in your heart.  I am sad to say till we see each other again, but this is living.  All of these things bring up emotions so deep inside of you, even if you are only moving down the street.  The emotions come from so many areas, but mostly from the idea of attachment (think if we could limit the number of attachments we have in our life, how much freedom it would create)

We all get attached to where we live, creating somewhat of a routine, and any change to that routine will draw upon emotions that render deep within each breath.  Things we may not even know are there, but all stem from forcing us to live in the present moment.  It creates a slight amount of fear mixed with sadness about the “future and the unknown”. There is safety is what you know and a routine that supports this.

Of course for me going back to the area of WI/IL brings back a lot of amazing memories and friendships.  It also brings up one day, one phone call that changed the course of my life forever.  It was a moment that we could never really prepare for other than evolving with each day.  Every day we learn, even if just a little we evolve. Often I find myself in situations that I may have never been in before, this is just life.  A circumstance I think I will know exactly how to handle, but as emotions run deep sometimes our perspective creates a false impression. So we learn….everyday we learn, if we choose to be kinder, understanding to others and ourselves, that is what we become.  Or we can choose to say I am so stressed… Every time we say those token words, we begin to create our reality deeper as our words become our reality.

I choose to learn, to evolve, to live life with all the gifts and challenges that we face daily. Over the past two years I have learned so much about myself, about love and kindness, and about my soul.  Life will continue to move around us and we get to choose how we will embrace the flow.

Over the weekend Tad and I embraced a gift; date night!  Sawyer picked up the phone and called Grammy and Papa, asking if he could sleep over because mom and dad wanted to go see a movie.  Tad and I looked at each other and laughed.  Well, actually he called them and asked if he could come over.  With a few verbal cues from mom and dad he was soon to ask if he could sleep over.  Of course Grammy and Papa were excited to have him come over and spend time together.  So the night began:We went to go see Lone Survivor and have dinner at an amazing Organic Restaurant called “Evo”.

Tad and I both love movies that  represent stories of the military. Even before I met Tad I went to see “Jarhead” by myself in Boston because none of my girlfriends wanted to go with me.  I am not sure if I find the brotherhood of men and woman so connected to living in the present moment or if it is just the gratitude for those that fight for freedoms.  Who knows, but there is a powerful connection to movies like “Full Metal Jacket” and “Band of Brothers”.  So I was so excited to see the story of Marcus Luttrell, his perspective of a day and night that was a game changer. A moment that he was prepared for, but from the perspective of the soul a moment that one can never prepare.

The admiration I have for any Navy Seal comes from the belief that they live with such a high level of integrity and mental strength.  Their training prepares them to override their physical body to be more evolved with mind capacity. We talk a lot about evolving the soul, but the evolution of the mind is equally important as it is the doorway to the soul. If you have ever had the opportunity to speak with a retired seal or active, to hear about their physical training and adventures is absolutely mind-blowing. Marcus Luttrell was one man with a story that touched the lives of many, he has “SURVIVED” and now he shares his story.  Not only for the memory of the brothers he lost that day, but to share the message of courage and love; a code that mimics Gods work.

Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor shares his perspective and memory of a difficult, life changing mission. He was dropped in the mountains of Afghanistan with three comrades and I still feel tears when I think of the courage and bravery that these men had for themselves, each other, and each American citizen that they stand to protect. I won’t share too much of the story, but it was the most powerful story I have seen in a very long time.  I sat on the edge of my seat as tears rolled down, to overlook an audience that could have heard a pin drop.  In the end he was the lone survivor because of one word “Pashtunwali.” It is a code of honor where no matter what, if any one man or woman seeks asylum in your home, even if this is your enemy, it is granted.  The code states that this person will be treated and respected as a guest.

The Godly man who honored this code while the Taliban nipped at his toes, outnumbered with weapons, is such an inspiration. He held protection for this American Man that he didn’t know, this is undoubtedly love wrapped in a century of honor.  He risked the lives of many in their village, including that of his young son who looked on learning the code first hand.  The combination of the Seals and this man was so powerful together that it served as a reminder to choose to live with integrity. Living as we embrace each experience with grace, knowing we are doing the best we can. Even if the lesson is that we learn our perspective was shadowed; this is still a great lesson. More importantly, this man showed love beyond boundaries. Loving a man he has never met as much as his kin; this is simply amazing.

As we were leaving the theater I couldn’t help but overhear a woman who was standing behind us.  She was complaining about the way they were ushering us out of the theater through just one exit. I was so surprised by her complaint because I thought it was a bit silly after watching such a powerful film, the thought that anyone could complain was surprising. However, in that moment I learned a great lesson. No matter what obstacle course life throws at us, we get to decide the speed and attitude that we will go through this course. There is no right or wrong, just your own inner desire to have the courage and bravery to mirror Gods code to love.

It is always amazing to me when I write, just how many lessons can come out of one day. I was literally tripping over my lessons as they were. I realized that a night out between husband and wife is extremely important.  This particular night we enjoyed the love and connection we have for each other and our excitement about moving, starting a new chapter in life. Sharing Gratitude for all the other chapters as they have made us who we are today. I learned from a man who doesn’t even know I exist that loving your child and a stranger the same is real if you believe it is possible. I learned from another the strength and courage that we can attain through and mind to our soul. Finally, I realized that we get to choose how we embrace our surroundings, this is our own to choose and that is to be respected in observing another’s.

Take a moment today to relieve yourself of any shadowed perceptions,any past experiences that are no longer serving you. Know you are always doing your best.  However, in this moment decide if you are where you want to be with your patterns, your words, and your love.

Peace and blessings,

Holly P