Month: October 2013

All working Together!

Hi Everyone,


So I am working to get everything linked up before the release of the “Always A Loveolution”.  So please send me a reply if you are getting the blog from word press as they accidentally stopped the account.  Also you will be able to see the blog on  there will be a comment on the blog too.

If you haven’t liked my fan page on AlwaysALoveolution through Facebook would you do so when you get a chance  🙂  We want to work really hard to get this out to a large audience so we can help those who go through a life changing event.  We want to be there to give them the chance to follow their soul with out the financial worry. ( A make a wish for adults).

I have just started a contest for Vision Boards.  Who ever has the best vision board in one week will get a 30$ gift card to Amazon and it will be announced and shown on the site.  be creative and use your imagination.

In my goal to sell 500 books pre-sale I have scheduling book club nights.  I will be doing  mini workshop based on the tools of the Loveolution and give a trailer of the book.  You are not obligated to buy anything.  Please contact me 508 789 7718, if you are interested.

To the Loveolution!!  May it reach great strides to help so many follow their true heart and really live!

Spiritual Evolution

Someone asked me today how I got the name of my new book “Always A Loveolution” and immediately it brought forward two words “Spiritual Evolution.”   However, it didn’t quite start that way.  When I was first diagnosed with Acute Lymph Leukemia, it was called A.L.L.  When I used a tool of exchange I swapped A.L.L or Cancer for Loveolution because it filled my heart with love instead of fear.  I needed to make good decisions and I didn’t want to do this out of fear.   As I grew through this journey,  I understood clearly we are all in a different space of evolution based on our experiences, based upon our ability to open our hearts (Faith without fear), and finally, based on what we truly see as our relationship with our soul.  I see that we are all in a constant state of evolving

I wrote in the back of my book:

“The Loveolution is not yet a word in our dictionary, however, if broken down the word evolution means – any process or formation of growth and development.  Taking it one step further, adding in the “Love” to the “olution” I believe it becomes the process of our soul’s ability to evolve while connected to the body and mind.

Always A Loveolution is an amazing journey that will help you re-discover a connection to your soul without any boundaries, rules, or judgments.  It is an experience that will give you the tools to start your personal journey to align your mind, body, and soul.  It creates confidence and a safe place to step forward and empower yourself, reigniting your inner light.  It is a blessed opportunity to leave all suffering or pain in the past, a gift to experience Gods guidance from the depths of your soul.”

Life is an endless process of self-discovery, but it isn’t a race.  Challenges and experiences are presented to us when we are ready and when we have the opportunity to put our fearless faith into action.  Simply stated when we evolve we are in a state of evolution, which naturally bring us one with God.  The next step is to see and understand the closeness we all share, “oneness”.

This will start with awareness, then turn into action, then turn into peace.  However, it happens there is no time, there is no race, just the process of watching your heart grow.

To the loveolution!

I have been allowed to pre-sell 500 copies of the book.  You can go the order or contact me, I will send you a pre-sale form.  Much lofe and lihgt

It is an amazing time!

I woke up this morning to a family hug, which couldn’t have filled my heart anymore than it already is.  Tad is home from his summer filled with travel and great career opportunities.  There is no question that our summer took an unexpected turn when Tad was asked to go support the Denver distribution center for 8 weeks and then after a week home was sent to North Carolina for a transition there.  We are so excited for him as we have watched him transition from Navy life to Corporate America.  It goes without saying that we are blessed to have had such an amazing opportunities especially while faced with such  unexpected life challenges.  Tad works for United Natural Foods, which couldn’t mirror our life any better, it is a gift.  Tad loves his job and that is what is most important when it comes to work.  However, we are glad that he is home with no travel in sight!

This morning was so fun.  After sleeping in, I walked down the stairs smelling the aroma of blueberry pancakes filling the house, while greeted  by a munchkin who had blueberry stained hands and feet (that is a long story).  Not only did I get to sleep in, but  Tad had a hot cup of coffee waiting for me,   I was getting the royal treatment, which I am always so grateful.   After breakfast I followed Sawyer and Tad upstairs and rode my exercise bike, while they played their fishing game.  It is so entertaining watching them “fish” together, it was as if I had my own show.  Once they caught “Big McLarge Huge” a legendary fish that you catch after doing a sequence of fishing skills, they went on to play legos as Sawyer caught Tad up to all the things he has built or learned over the past week.  I stayed on my bike looking out the window to the beautiful scenery, the faint smell of breakfast still lingering, and Sports Center playing in the background.

I am sure that many homes follow the call of Sunday Football, a day filled with cheers and very loud conversations as if we were sitting in the stands ourselves.  Of course, Tad had to take a moment to set up his fantasy players, coordinate his different leagues, and get his Adrian Peterson Jersey ready.  Sunday has become a day that is filled with ritual and fun.

I kept on enjoying my ride in the midst of  the Sunday buzz, just having a moment of gratitude, when I began glancing around the room.  I stared over to the book-case, which was a mess, but then I laughed.  Why would a perfect book-case with every book in order be better.  It showed me that it was a case of knowledge being used, instead of being used as a decoration.  I have utilized so many books while preparing and writing Always A Loveolution.  I have noted certain styles of different books to get ideas, I have used the wisdom of those who have already put it out there so we can be the next generation that builds upon it.  I am really excited that Always A Loveolution is getting closer to print.  I have put my heart and soul into this book and I am ready to set it free.  The wisdom coming from God and my understanding of the experience of the past two years.  It is a great blessing.

While I finished up my ride I opened my heart to the things that are happening today in the world.  Of course the Government is getting more attention than ever, the common gripe is that they are getting paid during their leave of absence.  I thought of the old adage of wise, don’t worry about others focus on yourself.  I understand the dilemma and that life sometimes isn’t fair.  However, what I do know is that in writing this book it has made me realize that when we defer to what is not fair around us, we are reflecting something greater in ourselves.  A message that life isn’t fair.  The most interesting part is that it comes from a wide range of people not matter what the landscape of their life looks like.  No matter how much money someone has there are still a number of people who are not going to have gratitude.  That goes for every walk of life.  So how is it that we are going to come together, when we are so focused on what is unfair?  I don’t have the answer, but we can start with ourselves.  Instead of thinking about what isn’t fair around you, you can focus on what is great.  THis will begin to open and create a reality that you want, that is positive.  We all have a choice.

I do not know what will solve this large issue, but I do believe that is starts with small acts of love.  If it starts with anger and disgust then we have lost from the beginning.  In my heart I wish we would all come together to work out these issues, instead of fight out these issues.  However, I do not think that many of us have the tools to do that.  I know that I didn’t before and the past two years has changed my life so dramatically.  I had the tools, but what I realized is that I didn’t fully understand how to put them into action.  Things like forgiveness are discussed like it is so easy and I believe that it can be.  However, unless you have the tools to forgive then I guarantee there will still be some element of a grudge.

This will be the last update till the book is released.  I am doing one last review before it gets submitted to print.  The cover is done, all the decisions that go into writing a book are made, now it is time!  Thank you all who have supported me.  God thank you for your wisdom!


Much love and light!