Month: November 2014


The last month life has really shared some beautiful experiences, I can’t really put to words how grateful I am and how difficult life has been. It is quite a powerful oxymoron. I feel blessed to celebrate some successes during this perfect storm. If you have a moment please share or rate the article as it will help me personally.

Also I am always eager for writing feedback or any feedback!
Many blessings,

Holly Peckskamp

The greatest Oxymoron!

I would just like to thank all of you who are reading this, just taking a moment to read the work of another is so kind. We are all overstimulated, we overanalyze, we over…everything! Living in a world that is consistently out of balance and getting even more so every day.

I do everything I can to keep connected and balanced…staying far away from DIS – EASE! It takes work and everyday I am humbled. I have worked hard to share the story of the Loveolution because it is important for all of us to share our journey’s, not for 5 mins of fame, but to help each other heal. I am proud that I embraced such a difficult challenge, it was so empowering and scary!

It is hard to hear a publisher say “it isn’t enough of a story to just have cancer”…. my reply, it isn’t the cancer, it is how I walked a new path that inspires me! ¬†You have to have thick skin and celebrate every success!!

I am feeling thankful!