Month: July 2013

Good Advice from Friends

It has been a very interesting week to say the least, with twists and turns that have dropped my jaw to the floor.  Asking the question “why” and then getting an answer is always a very positive thing that can help you see the truth in any situation.  If you don’t surround yourself with truth and do things that are right for you, you will get slapped in the face by the universe…it never fails.

This past weekend several friends shared the same sentiments to me and after seeing it the fourth time I realized it was something I needed to embrace myself and share with others.  A friend was watching Joel Olsteen and his message was simply: ” “shake it off” stop trying to please people! Don’t stay where you are tolerated….go where you are celebrated! Amen!”  This couldn’t be any more accurate of a statement.  It is wrapped in wisdom with a beautiful bow of truth.

When we invite friendships, relationships of any kind into our life, it should be filled with a connection of love.  We are all different and definitely we are all in different places in our evolution, this is sacred without judgement.  If you don’t honor this when you know it is the truth you will suffer.

Coming back to Massachusetts after being in Chicago for five years was very scary for me.  It was not only scary because I was facing a very difficult life challenge, but it also brought back so many old lingering feelings of insecurity.  I moved out to Chicago and unraveled into my true soul.  I wrapped my life into all the beautiful things that are important to me such as teaching yoga, supporting birthing moms in education and as a Doula.  I just love this work and I love how much I learn from each experience.  Coming back to Massachusetts, I quickly realized the dynamics around me.   There are very few yoga studios, and home birthing isn’t common (which is not right or wrong.)  The lesson as I saw it was learning to accept yourself fully without any blankets to provide comfort.  Knowing who you are and standing strong with your truth (evolution).  With this came a lot of resistance as old friends here in Massachusetts only knew me before I too knew my true heart.  Many of the relationships beautifully coasted together and was quite inspirational, others crashed and burned.  I tried to force relationships even when my gut knew that the friendship was too different, and that caused even more hurt and suffering.  However, with suffering comes great awareness that can be delivered honestly with love.  Another lesson in the book of many while on my journey of the loveolution.

Last night my friend Cindy and I sat talking about the weekend.  Even though it was filled with some difficulties all either worked out or went the direction it needed to go.  Not a moment later we heard Java Joe (our 12-year-old lab) trying to get into the house.  Cindy went to let her in and whaaaam!!!  SHE WAS SPRAYED BY A SKUNK.  We both jumped to the task without a moment to waste as I knew the faster we got her in the bath the easier it would be to get out the smell.  Two hours later after many pictures, laughter, and a pound of sage all was well.  Immediately after I got a thought to go look into my Animal Speaks book which symbolizes big things that are occurring in your life.  I was shocked and was happy to get the message.

It read:

The Skunk is one of the most widely recognized mammals, but it is also one of the most misunderstood.  People show great respect and this is how the skunk teaches to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect.  It helps you to recognize these qualities and to assert them with self acceptance.  The skunk moves along at its own speed, and strong mind.  Skunks are fearless, but also very peaceful. Because they are peaceful by nature they always give 3 warnings before spraying. Sometimes when a skunk shows up as a totem sign it can teach us how to get positive attention without being arrogant or irritating.  Sometimes it helps us deal with those relationships in our life who are outrageously irritating.

People with the skunk as a totem must learn to balance the ability to draw and repel people.  Knowing that there are times to embrace people and times to repel people is important to find the proper balance to ensure prosperity and love.  Skunks demand a new self-respect and self-esteem.  It indicates lessons and times associated with increased spirituality.     – Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews

We all need to look to the world around us for signs, messages, and guidance.  This sign was a perfect message for me, along with continued wisdom from friends was a perfect affirmation.  I have embraced that we all need respect and this may require embracing the relationship or setting it free, but mostly the wisdom to know the difference!


Thank you –  you know who you are!!


Love and light – Holly