The aftermath of Columbus Day: Do you know why we honor this man?

The above article I have researched on a number of levels and it comes at no surprise.  I have always wondered why we celebrate a man who destroyed the hearts of so many. Why do we celebrate a man that is so “ugly” there really are not enough words to clearly describe what today we would call a “socio-path”, filled with greed, and abuse.  Additionally, why do we teach this false look at history to our children??

His-tory should be our lesson to evolve our future. The present moment is where the actions need to take place to shape the beautiful path we walk. Therefore, our actions of celebrating a man, alongside the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., seems all kinds of wrong.  However, if you look really deep, this type of behavior is being rewarded all over the world on a day to day basis.

Today our world is filled with a great deal of suffering because of men like Columbus. A fear based society that is not progressive enough to critically think about the truth. Some may perceive this as being negative, I simply perceive it as  a gift. It is not easy to walk forward in your own light. It takes a great deal of courage to ask questions and make decisions based on facts and intuition instead of emotional based opinions. However, these are the great gifts that our higher power bestowed upon us and inside of us.  A primal calling to right the world instead of dividing it by color, race, and class. This is why we get so emotional when we witness the suffering of others.  This is why we feel the need to fight for any cause whether it come at the hands of war, politics, or greed.

We can look to our history and clearly see the men and women in the world that walked in their light. Individuals such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Jesus just to name a few, spoke to us about loving those around us and supporting this beautiful world. We take these messages and use them for feel good moments then go right back to joining the flock.

Media outlets, politics, congress, and everything connected in between focus on false evidence becoming reality. Many in this world just go with the flow, but in our world today you need to truly create your own flow….even if this means digging your own river.  It sure is easier to flock with the sheeps, but that is not going to change the world around us.

You are not just a small drop in the ocean waters, you are an ocean in a drop – Rumi

It is when we find the courage to ask simple questions, research our history, and seek truth, that we will truly soar. How do we prepare to soar? Well this means that you have to live a life that is not supported by the world around us today. You must stop looking for others to validate and define your success. You must be able to critically think instead of argue over simple opinions that will never gain forward momentum.

The world around us always has a story to tell. Most often it isn’t a story that warms my heart. Does it warm yours? We have been told the world was flat. Did our pioneers really believe this? It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that perception may be the reality. However, in no way is this the truth. I teach my son to speak his truth even if it isn’t the same as those around him. I teach him how to love and understand the world and those who we see as different. Most importantly I teach him to love without condition and to love himself.  If I teach these values to my son then I better be following these same values to set an example….Our actions speak our truth.

Speak your truth!!

Love and light!

A Tribute to Emma

Picture of EMMA

“My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness” – Michelangelo

It is in the depths of a soul that we find the truths that can help us move through this journey. Each day with each challenge we gain wisdom, even at its darkest hour. The wisdom doesn’t always find its way in courage and it is not always supported by those around us. It is when we feel so alone, even amongst our loved ones that we suffer.
We all face our challenges, but I am sure it would be easy to agree that the loss of a child is just unbearable. There is no preparation enough to share how to move forward to create a new walking path. There is just the love of those around you to say; sorry will never be enough as I can never understand, but I am here to sit with you and just hold your hand!

To my amazing friend Keriann and her family as they celebrate their daughter Emma. She will always be an inspiration of true light and love!

Listen to the sweet whispers of the waking morning that speak of pure inspiration.
A beautiful soul, trilling the song of Peace, while blazing a path of love
Your beautiful smile is an engrained metaphor in the hearts of all those you touch.
You have gone home to fly with the Angels, leaving a peace in your path that will forever be a memory
At the top of each breath is the light of your soul; this will help ease the grief that your journey has ended.
As to walk in the woods and meet a fallen tree may seem lonely, but you will always be the playful light there to shine your love.
You are free and full of EMMAnating love as an imprint of your sweet spirit.