Month: September 2014

looking outside ourselves

We live in a society that focuses on the cover of the book, instead of the wisdom that is on the pages. So how do we tread when we are always judging by credentials or science or leading with our ego? This is when we have to look so deep inside ourselves that we bring it full circle to the outside. The world around us sometimes seems short of cruel and overwhelming, but the wisdom comes when we truly drop down our boundaries of limitations. When we see the wisdom that comes from the man who lives on the streets and we just listen. Instead of judging by the cover to decide if this person is qualified to give us wisdom. The divine places wisdom in what we today call “the most unlikely of places.”….but are they unlikely??
For me the journey of the Loveolution will never end as it is a part of my soul. Maybe to the outside it is time to move on and be grateful that I “survived”, but I have been tattooed by a journey that has no end and no limitations. So I continue to learn..
Recently I have placed myself around many different covers to just listen and observe. What I have noticed is that we believe we have the answer for everyone and this answer is simple. However, when we move outside of limits and boundaries is where we uncover simple wisdom. I asked the divine for wisdom to help me repair any limits that I may not even understand, limits that stem from my tattoo…what came forward: the Immortal Jellyfish. The Immortal Jellyfish is a creature that has the ability to transform its cells back to the pulpa stage…meaning it does not die unless it falls to the hands of a predator. WHAT!!!?? I was blown away and what was funny was I learned about this amazing jellyfish on the Octonauts…a show for children. Why have I never heard of this creature from the divine that can live forever? Why isn’t this on the news everyday? My heart propelled out of my chest and engulfed my soul. What I knew to be a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is yet another limitation. Once again, showing me that our soul is ageless, timeless, and always evolving. Our souls simply are love and truth.

Peace and blessings!