Month: April 2013

Love and Compassion

It has been such a long time since I have posted that I almost forgot the password on my login. LOL  This post comes at a very sad time, a time where we question the integrity of so many things.  How could any person (s) do such a horrible thing, stealing the very gift that the Boston Marathon symbolized.

For those of you who have never been to the marathon, it is just an amazing event to attend.  There is nothing but love and joy, as you cheer for people you have never met as they tackle one of the most amazing goals in life.  Some are running as competitive players in the marathon circuit, some running to achieve a dream, some running for others.  No matter what the reason the Finish Line was a symbol of all those things and more.  What these “terrorists” created was a spark of fear that will forever be tied to a sacred event that I believe ran 116 years without incident.  It was a very special day for Bostonians as they enjoyed the fun of the race, a game at Fenway, or just the overall energy of the city.  This will be blemished for years to come…..if we let it.

We were suppose to go to Boston this weekend and spend the night at the Longwarf.  I didn’t want to go, but Tad would not let me surrender to the fear that these “people” create.  He is right, it is how we react and what we allow that distinguishes how we move forward as a community .  Now we may not go because after spending half the day in Boston yesterday, it is crazy there.  I just happened to get my first cold since the transplant, which conspired a fever of 103.7.  I called my doctor and he wanted me to head into the Dana Clinic to get blood work and some other tests.  Everything was fine, I have/had the flu.  Fever has dropped and I am now building my immunity.  My body is relearning how to defend off any bacteria’s/virus’s just like my mind is relearning how embrace love and compassion.

I have taken the past 2 months writing, with a deadline of June 1st.  I am almost finished and will have a few friends edit before I submit to Westbow Press.  It is called Always a loveolution as we are always learning how to love past a challenge, past difficulties that life throws at us coming out the other side stronger, more loving, and most importantly, more forgiving.  Anger can have such a deep seed which I have learned while writing this book.

This book has been therapy, it has made me realize so many things about myself, and it has shown me how important it is to love yourself and others alike.  This isn’t to be confused with who you chose to have in your life as you can still love everyone. Such as watching the marathon the excitement you feel for strangers is an innate sense that resides in all of us.  Some of us carry it closer to heart then others, but we all have it.

Judith Lasater is a well known yoga teacher and she wrote in one of her books about an experience she had as a child that describes the connection we have to one another.  She wrote:

One day as a child on a family outing, I was seated in a small motor boat facing backward as we cut a sharp path across an icy blue lake.  I was fascinated by the ever-widening wake which our boat produced.  I could see the wake as far back as I looked; it seemed as if the wake widened out forever toward the distant shore.

In a way, this is what happens when one becomes a teacher of yoga (or a teacher of any modality).  What we share with students spreads out like the wake from a boat and touches people we may never see or know.

It seems that this year has hosted several major tragedies and it is heartbreaking.  We can only send our love in prayers and intention.  However it is important to take note that the suffering that those individuals endured probably woke up hundreds of people to live a more meaningful life.  A life full of love, kindness, and compassion.

It should not take an event like this to wake people up, but there is an extreme outpouring of love that we all feel for the families affected by recent events.  I believe it is possible to have a steady source of love without tragedy, but that will have to be an achievement that comes with balance and time.

I send my love to you all as we heal together!

Love and light!