Month: February 2013

Inspiration of Love

I ask you to watch this video on you tube.  If it doesn’t come up send me a message and I will email it to you.  It displays a group of people that went beyond what was needed out of love.  Trusting that they were being guided and clearly seeing the connection between mammal and animal.

Sometimes I know we all feel  like we can’t do enough to help the world.  But we must look within and know that even putting a smile on a face is a huge donation of love.

May we all give to each other with every opportunity that opens the door.


Much love and light!



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“The glassblower knows: while in the heat of the beginning, any shape is possible.

Once hardened, the only way to change is to break.”       Author Unknown

This past saturday marked 1 year post bone marrow transplant for our family.  I can tell you that it has been a beautiful journey with many ups and downs, but not one lesson to small to not inspire gratitude.  I have learned to love, forgive and have embraced the shore with all its beauty because the oceans have many moods.  I have faced the greatest fear I know, which is death and erased it from my life.  I believe that this physical vessel carries our soul, so when it is our time to go home we hear God’s call.  To my point, I believe there is no death.  Realizing this truth has set me free from so much fear and worry.  However, even with this belief I still have moments of weakness, which shows you how strong this fear and fear alone can really impact one’s outlook.

I have shared a lot of my experiences through this blog forum over the past year, however,  there is a lot that I have left out as I too am still trying to process.  I consider myself blessed in so many ways as this gift has broken me and allowed my inner light to shine in truth.  It has shared that holding on to the past to define yourself or your future is a waste of precious time.  We should be grateful for the past and the lessons it has granted.  We should listen to the inner voice of God to guide us to live in the present moment.  Within each breath there is an inhale and exhale, each being an opportunity to invite and shed.  Let go of the things that cripple you today, as this shows you still have not embraced the lesson.

I will continue to share my journey with you and many of you know that I have signed a book deal.  I have written and will be submitting the first 5 chapters by the end of the month.  Writing has been therapeutic and comedic and like many books that I have read, I hope my journey will make a difference.    I believe we all have a story to tell, we all do it in different ways.

I just read a book about self-love.  One of the chapters was about a mermaid that fell in love with a human and was broken-hearted that they could not share their life together.  She felt this cruel and unfair, however, the lesson missed was that we can not always go where others go.  He could not live in the depths of the ocean and she could not live on the shore.  I have learned that because of this experience my life has changed, my 1 to 10 is far different than it ever used to be.  I am brave and can go alone where I could not before, for this lesson alone I am grateful.

Lastly, In yoga class I was teaching tree pose and again, I felt a sense of gratitude as I know that a tree reaches, but never holds.  I am slowly making my way back out into the world a new person.  A new sense of life, a new voice of love, and an inner sense of guidance.  Thank you all for supporting me by letting me go where I needed to go.

Much Love and Light!