Vaccines: a gentle conversation!

Vaccines: a gentle conversation turned real.

Are you ready to see if you are prepared enough to make a good decision regarding vaccines? Here is an opportunity to move past the emotion and see honestly where we are. I ask you to put down your “anti” or “pro” hat and just talk facts. Feel free to add any questions or any resources. It is time to come together and teach each other!

I have to say I am a little surprised by how low below the belt both sides of the “measles debate” is getting. I am also saddened by this “debate” for another very big reason: the inability to critically think beyond what is fed into you. Today, we call ourselves conscious beings, with the freedoms to make choices, but it seems like many are ready to give up these freedoms because they are too emotionally charged in being right. We are very much looking to displace anger and find blame, which is exactly what the man behind the curtain wants. It seems to me there are so many people ready to stand up and “fight” against the non-vaccinated or vaccinated children with out having more then a few blogs or opinion based articles to support their charge.

When we debate we get emotionally charged and your body ignites with all kinds of chemicals to prepare for a fight. You release intense levels of adrenaline; your ability to see things clearly or reason is lost. You lose the ability to listen to all sides, especially those that have an angle of information that we need to understand, because you are preparing your next attack.

So this is when I call for a truce and just ask both sides to look to the following questions. If you can answer them truthfully without looking up the answers then share your view with others so we can come together, isn’t our country already divided enough? When I hear words like “mandatory”, I just can’t believe that anyone would open that door, which is how I know we are loosing our way. This country is suppose to be about freedoms, are you so quick to give these “freedoms” away to pharmaceutical companies?

Since it seems that fear of death is causing this great debate, lets start there:

  1. What is the leading cause of death in the U.S?

Right away we can see that we are missing the mark on this debate. We should really be talking about the food pyramid and chemicals by Monsanto. We should be addressing why school lunches consider ketchup a vegetable, and how we are paving the way for the sickest country in the developed world. However, for the point of this gentle conversation we will move forward.

  1. What is the “germ theory?” Do you understand the difference between a vaccine and the “natural virus”? What is the difference between how your body responds to a virus vs. when it is injected directly into your body?
  2. When vaccines entered the scene, were (their natural counter part) “the natural virus” already mutating?
  3. Is it important for you to get sick? Does this impact human evolution?
  4. What are the ingredients in the MMR? What ingredients have not been studied that are in the MMR?
  5. Have you ever read a Package Insert from the MMR?
  6. What is “shedding” a live virus?
  7. Is there live virus in the MMR? Do you know the pharmaceutical company that produces and manufactures the MMR? How much have they earned and how much have they paid in vaccine injury?
  8. Have you spoken with a parent that believed in vaccines until their child was injured?
  9. Do you know the dosing schedule difference from 1988 and the schedule 2014? Has it changed and why?
  10. Have you ever heard of Thalidomide? Do you think there are other meds that may share a similar story?
  11. Do you know how many deaths occur from pharmaceutical drugs being taken as prescribed each year?
  12. Have you ever asked your doctor where he/she has gotten information about vaccines (after all they are human and this information isn’t deposited into their DNA)?
  13. Are you aware how pharmaceutical companies grow illness through marketing campaigns? How many countries allow pharmaceutical companies to market direct to consumer? (T.V Ads?)


Growing into Awareness

It has been a summer of many blessings and challenges. It is often when we have an expectation of life, when we think we have all the answers that we get knocked around the most. While I learned to love from a truly primal space of trusting the divine, it was trusting the path in front of me that was the hardest lesson in motion. I was gifted such a great amount of awareness while going through my journey with Leukemia and I am thankful that it was done in a more solitary and protected space. When we got word that we would be moving to Southern Wisconsin I felt something in my belly that would plant a seed of excitement. My heart wondered how could this be, while my mind was thinking a fresh start…but I didn’t a new start, I just needed to allow and trust like I had the two years prior. How quickly we forget!
Tad and I moved 30 mins from our other home, our other life, in Grayslake, IL. So it seemed easy to expect that life would be as it was before….
Slowly I would learn this was not the case. Even though I had just learned so many lessons in love, truth, kindness, compassion, it was living those truths that would be the greatest challenge. I have never felt so pushed around and while it was happening, I didn’t even have words…it almost felt cruel. However, what I did have in Southern Wisconsin were the friends who have always loved me when I was weak and confused and when I was strong with love. They know who they are, but it was their love that held me in a sacred space, so that I could see again.
It has been the weeks that have followed that I have felt a peace that I have never felt in life. An awareness to the things that I wrote about and now I am applying. It may be one thing to have the knowledge, but altogether different to apply that knowledge…this alone is a beautiful lesson: I live with kindness and truth. Unfortunately it is this truth that brings out insecurity in others even if you are not aware of it.
Our ego is in the business of creating stories to make you right, keep you separate from the divine within your soul. Even with awareness we can create a story or we can be involved in the story of another and not even know it. The only awareness that creates freedom is when you honestly can say to yourself “I know I acted in truth”, “I can not be a part of any story, not even my own!”
So with this being said a friend of mine lovingly put me on 90 days probation. Of course this was a joke, but after she left it was really the first time that I knew I had to release any insecurities, getting my priorities inline: God, Love, family and true friendships. In my heart I knew I could no longer get caught up in the story, it was not serving anyone, so just thinking of this “probation” made me smile and give myself permission to just be.

“Every caterpillar has to rest to become a butterfly and you’ll soon find your wings again, in the meantime, let angels wrap you in theirs” – A. Taylor

“Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones” – J. Lennon

Question: How do we set free our story?
Identify if you are coming from right or wrong, victim, or perpetrator. Identify if you are trying to separate yourself, putting yourself higher, more evolved. If so then you need to have compassion to see it from the other shoes, then set it free…it isn’t yours to figure out, it isn’t yours to fix. You must have the understanding that we are all doing the best we can, acting with love, patience, tolerance, and care. We are all on the same path together, when you feel pushed around it does feel uncomfortable and it is tough to have uncomfortable conversations. However, it is that courage to speak honestly that will take the story down and behind it is an answer of connectedness. Be grateful when you feel pushed around,because there is an answer, a piece of the puzzle behind your story. The greatest lesson of all is that there is no story.

Let your story reside in the imagination of creation not to fulfill the story of your ego!

Many blessings,

Holly Peckskamp