The greatest Oxymoron!

I would just like to thank all of you who are reading this, just taking a moment to read the work of another is so kind. We are all overstimulated, we overanalyze, we over…everything! Living in a world that is consistently out of balance and getting even more so every day.

I do everything I can to keep connected and balanced…staying far away from DIS – EASE! It takes work and everyday I am humbled. I have worked hard to share the story of the Loveolution because it is important for all of us to share our journey’s, not for 5 mins of fame, but to help each other heal. I am proud that I embraced such a difficult challenge, it was so empowering and scary!

It is hard to hear a publisher say “it isn’t enough of a story to just have cancer”…. my reply, it isn’t the cancer, it is how I walked a new path that inspires me!  You have to have thick skin and celebrate every success!!

I am feeling thankful!

One comment

  1. I agree Holly… wasn’t about the disease, it was about the journey. I’m so glad you wrote the book, and am proud of your accomplishments, spiritual, and loving ways. Sending you lots of love!!!!!!


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