Sedona Story



Sitting in Sedona, Arizona is like sitting in a painting, it really is surreal to think that God created such a beautiful place that is so open to all the ideas of the world. Walking through the streets of Sedona is so warm and welcoming, as if the people have known you for years. As I am touring this intimate town, I have met many of the locals that have shared similar stories of the beauty this town offers. One of the many reasons tourists come to Sedona is for the energy vortexes. One gentleman told me that it is believed that Sedona has the longest latitudinal and longitudinal lay lines in the world, making the magnetism so strong that it effects all living things on many levels. This is where many tourists come to experience this strong scientific evidence and in turn maybe it creates a spiritual renewal, a sacred space of healing.

This same gentleman also shared with me a local vortex that is called the Buddhist Steeple to the locals or Amitabha Stupa to many. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but as I climbed the red dusty walkway that wound through the dessert forrest it was powerful. As I walked into the opening there stood a huge, beautiful temple that was a simple peace park. All visitors will read the journey and many leave an offering to their God. The journey is to walk around the temple three times asking God for an answered prayer or wish. It also shares the history of why the park is so healing. The main reason is that when people come to this sacred space they show respect and honor. Almost as if we undress from our costumes and immediately know that we are all the same no matter what your religious beliefs. The energy was so healing and as I walked my journey I asked God for a sacred sign. Immediately, I felt such a presence (first picture is an orb, an angel) and then felt such empowerment that was met with sadness. I don’t know if I can explain that further, but the message was simple. We set expectations for people in our lives, for ourselves. Many of us have such strong beliefs that we shut off our hearts when someone else has an opposing belief about life or our relationship. This is similar to sending ourselves into a maze only knowing there is one way out, the ego is just trying to keep us separate from “our God”. Often times this judgement creates a sense of anger or dismissal that is not really a part of who we are in our truth, our soul. It is when we release the expectation of others and surrender excepting responsibility for even placing a limiting expectation of another soul that we heal. When we realize the body is simply a costume and under it our soul. We are all here for one thing and that is to learn and love. It seems simple, yet it is not. The mind wants to send us into the maze, chasing our tail, until we find that freedom. I realized that I have held a lot of expectations on others and this has always led to suffering. It is when I have excepted and met people where they are that I have found love. Embracing that there may be a different perspective. It has not always meant that the person will stay a part of my life, but when I have been truly operating out of the love of my soul I have realized this simple realization. Looking to the past to remember that this left me feeling the truth of the power that we hold with our soul.

When I left I felt so grateful for this reminder. It is such a challenge, but so empowering. As I walked down the path back toward the road that started this auspicious journey, I was so grateful to have been led to this message. Right as I was taking my last step off the red dirt, I looked back and saw a cactus plant that had almost completely returned to the dirt, except for this one small part. To me this was a perfect reflection of the lesson. It only takes one small part of your soul to remember that we are one with God and we are one with each other.

Many blessings in Love!!! Namaste!DSCN2078 DSCN2065 DSCN2055

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