The Loveolution Project

***I just received several emails about the link not working. I uploaded video to You Tube…. THis is the active link.


*****Please take a moment to share in our journey. My dream is that The Loveolution Project will be a place that will help others find their soul and move forward in love instead of feeling like they need to prepare for the fight of their life. Allowing the fear to progress to forgiveness and growth. It is a different way to think about difficult life challenges, but had I not I would have missed the biggest gift of my life!

As I am getting settled in our new home, I am very excited to put love behind my newly published book “Always A Loveolution”. I am gathering information to start a foundation called “The Loveolution Project” This will be a 3 point foundation that focuses on mind, body, soul. Mind being resources that can help evolve your soul while going through a life challenge, Body – a partnership with someone who has gone through a similar challenge whether they are through it or going through it, having the capability to reach out to a group, to start a support group, this is very important. Lastly, the soul, the part of the foundation will be more like a make a wish for an adult.

I will share more about my vision as I build them up, but my dream is to have this in place by end of the year. Anyone who is interested in being on the board please reach out to me  How to start it is important to have a vision and the details will divinely file themselves right into order.


The Loveolution Project Vision –

“Loveolution” is not yet a word in our dictionary; however, if broken down evolution means any process or formation of growth and development. Taking it one step further, adding “loveolution,” this becomes the process of our soul’s ability to evolve with any process or formation of growth while being consciously connected to the body and mind.

Each of us are in a different place when we step on the path to be connected to our soul’s evolution. This is sacred space and there are no right or wrongs, no cultural judgements, or boundaries (unless we put them there). “The Loveolution Project” will help you rediscover the soul connection by providing resources and tools to start your personal journey to align your mind and body with your soul. It will create a safe place, taking a different approach to healing by leading with your heart leaving the metaphorical fight behind you. This is a blessed opportunity to leave all suffering or pain in the past, a gift to experience God’s guidance from the depths of your soul.

This is my vision for this project.  Please view my journey and reach out if you are interested in taking a position within the foundation or providing any services.


Thank and light!

Holly Peckskamp



Many blessings,

Holly Peckskamp

508 789 7718



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