“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~Anais Nin

Blogging is really an interesting concept and I still don’t understand what makes someone an “expert blogger”. There are all kinds of blogs, cover the masses for purpose, but the greatest part is that blogging is a forum which offers a platform to write your thoughts, share your ideals, and wisdom. I have read many great blogs on wordpress that never seem to get the attention they deserve, but that just proves that there may be others like me that don’t quite know how to get your word connected.  

Last week I read a blog that touched on something that is close to my heart; yoga. This yogi wrote a blog about the Teacher Training classes and all the elements that are “wrong” with the foundation and essence of any yoga teacher training class. Yoga is such a gift as its history provides us the secrets to enlightenment. However, many only know yoga for the physical aspect (1 of the 8 limbs) until they are ready to go beyond the pose. It really is just all about your journey.  Many yogis (myself included) miss the mark when they first walk through yoga’s front door, the Hatha (Asana) practice. Many meet their ego for the first time and as goes the western way it is all about short-cuts, going faster, harder, and fitting it into your life. Yoga is something that you fit into and not the other way around. So in this article I understood the points this yogi was making as Yoga is very different in the United States. There is not really any regulations or certifications so this paves the way for organizations to “certify” a teacher to “teach yoga” after a weekend training. In major cities, certain studios pump out teachers as fast as they can and set the intention that this training means you are good to go. As I agreed with several of the points in this article I think it spoke to the smaller population of yoga teachers as most teachers know once you finish your training you have only begun your journey. This was the whole point of her blog was that the learning comes from the philosophy that has evolved over 5000 years. 

This article received quite a bit of attention, which surprised me because it wreaked of negativity and all things wrong. First it is important to support everyone’s views, but if you don’t provide a bridge to share what would make this process better then it just becomes a rant.  If that is your goal great, but again what surprised me was the number of individuals that jumped on the ban wagon. So as this bothered me I knew that it was a reflection of myself in some capacity. Immediately I knew, I have also jumped on the negativity train because it was easier or served my purpose in the moment. It is much easier to be negative, follow the negative crowd, then to stand up in a positive way. This can be difficult because as the reader I could tell her blog came from great knowledge, but came across with such frustration that it led her to her ego. She took the time to reply to most comments and was very kind with the few that didn’t agree. So my point in writing this isn’t that she isn’t wise or kind, it is that she wrote an article that took the easy way out. It takes courage to stand on a soapbox to share the concerns, which hold the integrity of something you love. However, with that courage go even further and share the wisdom with positivity. 

As I said I knew that this bothered me because it sparked a reflection in my experiences. This reignited the wisdom to walk the path of positivity even when that seems like a distant possibility. Leave gossip and attack behind you, and find the tools to share your voice in a positive loving way. This will take you further beyond your wildest dreams.  

 For those of you that are yogis I think you will appreciate the read no matter what side of the coin you find yourself. However, if not just think of the times you jumped on the office ban wagon, or took the path of negativity because it was easier. This isn’t a method that will ever server you and I say this with such love and kindness.


Peg thanks for the reminder.  



  1. i actually love what you’ve written here! admittedly, i forget that i’m not just the local bumpkin i see myself as – where i am very much part of the solution. i actually see students as wanting/seeking/hungry for learning outside the daily practice room. YTT is often the only avenue and studios offer and gives the impression that that’s the only avenue, to teach – while also offering students an implicit promise they’ll be equipped. With often no pre-requisites for experience practicing, too many end up robbed of the very thing they loved and led them there: their own practice.

    admittedly, i didn’t go into this. and my style is snarky with a title designed to elicit a response – though definitely not the magnitude of what came.

    but rest assured, here at home, i offer yearly intensives, week long immersions, semi-privates as well as spend many hours a day, responding to emails and questions from students i know – and those seekers on the interwebs.

    i’ve been mostly pleased with the continued dialogue, even those who vehemently dissented. if i made people doubt and question, i’m delighted. i do daily. my soapbox is only a small chunk of my time – the rest i try to spend learning and serving.

    thanks again for sharing your thoughts. xo


    1. Hey Peg,
      I love all the sharing! It is hard sometimes as when you don’t know someone words can take on a meaning of their own. Although I thought the post was negative, I did feel that I knew where you heart was. It is all an amazing journey of learning, the most important part is the love of oneness. I knew their was a reason I felt so strong and it is the mirror effect. There was a lot of truth with what was said. You seem to have a beautiful studio and a lot of followers which is great. I just wrote a book called Always A Loveolution. Check it out….I would love your thoughts.

      Many blessings!


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