So I am really happy with the response from people regarding the intention chain. I encourage you to share this with anyone who is facing a life challenge, but this chain is a little different.

I want to focus on the intention getting you on the other side of your life challenge. When we hold our intention or vision of what we want GOd finds a way to place the stones one step at a time. For example, when I was going through the Loveolution I asked people to envision me telling them I was healed, a reflection of God.

So send your intention for anyone who faces a life challenge. This can be a divorce, illness, financial distress, etc. Just send your name and your vision. Write a very brief description of how you see and feel yourself on the other side of your challenge. That is the intention you want us to all hold for you. I will start compiling this Loveolution Chain and keep it going so that people can hold intentions for you. As I start passing along the chain you will be holding intentions for people you don’t know, just put your heart into it. It is amazing when you add the power of prayer and intention together, it is unstoppable.


I look forward to being part of such a beautiful chain.  Much love and light


Please send to Blog:

Facebook- AlwaysALoveolution page

twitter @luvlution

My site: this site is in progress, but you can create your own vision board and ask your closest friends to see the board.

Much love and light!  Lets make this chain unending in love!


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