Happy Halloween!!!


As we headed out tonight to take the lake people by storm I was surprised at how few homes were decorated in the honor of Halloween, such a fun night.  It was just an observation, but I realized that many of these people have children who now have their own families and many probably feel that it is more of a hassle to decorate.  More work, decorations to get out, put up, take down, and it is over before you know it.  However, as I saw the smile in my son’s face as he ran door to door and pretended he had to protect us from goblins, it was priceless.  There were a few homes that did it up and I mean smoke machines,  kids jumping out to scare you…it was awesome.  Good for them…maybe some of you are thinking they have too much time on their hands because  you wouldn’t have the time for that.  However, maybe they stayed up till midnight on Sunday, taking the time to create the experience to celebrate.  Either way, we will never know, but this isn’t the point.  The point is that we are surrounded by lessons everyday.  There is no doubt that maybe this year you didn’t have it in you because life has thrown you, your greatest challenge…there is no judgement.  There is just gratitude that we are always surrounded by such simple lessons and reminders to enrich our lives.

On my walk home it made me realize that I feel like this about some things that life throws at us.  Just a simple example, that may not be the best, but I am going with it, is when Sawyer asks to take out the play dough.  Of course this is no big deal, but I have to get it all out, there is a huge mess, I have to clean it all, and put it away.  Shame on me!  This is his time to use his imagination, be creative, and I am thinking of the mess I have to pick up after him.  This is not living in the present moment, something that I pride myself in doing. 

Now before I trash my parenting, it is not often that I say no to the play dough, but there are probably very few times that I don’t think (Ugh this is going to be a mess), this is where I miss the present moment.  I bet each of us could think of a number of similar examples where we are lazy, and this takes the excitement away from someone else.    

So my point is that we need to really reconsider how our reaction may affect another’s light.   Of course there is always the balance of honoring yourself, but you all know what I am saying because probably many of us have had this experience.

Back to All Hallow’s Eve, a night so rich in history and tradition, I want to end this post by one simple idea.  I want to acknowledge that as Halloween is a night many prepare for and celebrate, it is important to see  everyday as an opportunity to see into your life on a deeper level, living more connected.  Recognizing that we are surrounded by opportunities everyday to learn and enrich our lives so we can live more consciously.  It can be something so simple like the play dough, but it is a great reminder that we have an opportunity to bring happiness to someone we love, even a stranger.  That is a gift on such a beautiful night!

Happy Halloween!

May we use this night as a moment to identify the spaces in our life where we can be more conscious.  Being kinder, seeing the other person’s point of view with compassion, letting go of the grudge so light can shine, Most importantly shedding all the pettiness and embrace love.

P>S Nice socks Sawyer!!  LOL


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