All working Together!

Hi Everyone,


So I am working to get everything linked up before the release of the “Always A Loveolution”.  So please send me a reply if you are getting the blog from word press as they accidentally stopped the account.  Also you will be able to see the blog on  there will be a comment on the blog too.

If you haven’t liked my fan page on AlwaysALoveolution through Facebook would you do so when you get a chance  🙂  We want to work really hard to get this out to a large audience so we can help those who go through a life changing event.  We want to be there to give them the chance to follow their soul with out the financial worry. ( A make a wish for adults).

I have just started a contest for Vision Boards.  Who ever has the best vision board in one week will get a 30$ gift card to Amazon and it will be announced and shown on the site.  be creative and use your imagination.

In my goal to sell 500 books pre-sale I have scheduling book club nights.  I will be doing  mini workshop based on the tools of the Loveolution and give a trailer of the book.  You are not obligated to buy anything.  Please contact me 508 789 7718, if you are interested.

To the Loveolution!!  May it reach great strides to help so many follow their true heart and really live!


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