Spiritual Evolution

Someone asked me today how I got the name of my new book “Always A Loveolution” and immediately it brought forward two words “Spiritual Evolution.”   However, it didn’t quite start that way.  When I was first diagnosed with Acute Lymph Leukemia, it was called A.L.L.  When I used a tool of exchange I swapped A.L.L or Cancer for Loveolution because it filled my heart with love instead of fear.  I needed to make good decisions and I didn’t want to do this out of fear.   As I grew through this journey,  I understood clearly we are all in a different space of evolution based on our experiences, based upon our ability to open our hearts (Faith without fear), and finally, based on what we truly see as our relationship with our soul.  I see that we are all in a constant state of evolving

I wrote in the back of my book:

“The Loveolution is not yet a word in our dictionary, however, if broken down the word evolution means – any process or formation of growth and development.  Taking it one step further, adding in the “Love” to the “olution” I believe it becomes the process of our soul’s ability to evolve while connected to the body and mind.

Always A Loveolution is an amazing journey that will help you re-discover a connection to your soul without any boundaries, rules, or judgments.  It is an experience that will give you the tools to start your personal journey to align your mind, body, and soul.  It creates confidence and a safe place to step forward and empower yourself, reigniting your inner light.  It is a blessed opportunity to leave all suffering or pain in the past, a gift to experience Gods guidance from the depths of your soul.”

Life is an endless process of self-discovery, but it isn’t a race.  Challenges and experiences are presented to us when we are ready and when we have the opportunity to put our fearless faith into action.  Simply stated when we evolve we are in a state of evolution, which naturally bring us one with God.  The next step is to see and understand the closeness we all share, “oneness”.

This will start with awareness, then turn into action, then turn into peace.  However, it happens there is no time, there is no race, just the process of watching your heart grow.

To the loveolution!

I have been allowed to pre-sell 500 copies of the book.  You can go the http://www.luvlution.com order or contact me, I will send you a pre-sale form.  Much lofe and lihgt

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