Un-Forgiveness- oops sent on mistake

Forgiveness is a gift, a key to your personal spiritual suffering.

I recently read an article in Yoga Journal that was one of the best I ever read.  It went into a very in-depth explanation of what happens to the brain when a person is angry.  The author starts by explaining a grudge she once felt and wanted to know why it was so intense years later.  Below was her researched explanation:

Recent studies in neurophysiology describe a particular type of neuron whose function is to pick up and mirror the emotions of others—literally throwing back what someone puts out. In my experience, mirror neurons seem to be particularly adept at picking up and reacting to someone else’s unconsciously held stance of victimization. If I have a tendency to distrust you, you pick it up and throw it back to me—maybe by mirroring my distrust, maybe by keeping your distance. Thus, we create a vicious cycle and replicate negative experiences. Starting a more positive feedback loop is reason enough to do some work with forgiveness.

The article goes on to explain three levels of forgiveness, which were quite interesting and I believe true.  I was really excited about the article and wanted to share it.  I was going to just send the actual article and then I read it again.  Something jumped stirred inside me, which left me in a complete state of confusion.  So I closed my eyes took a few deep breaths and it came forward.

There is no question that it is nice to understand that there is a scientific understanding of why one may feel anger or a grudge.  Emotions that have actual peptides that mirror them, it is fascinating.  The levels of forgiveness to offer something we have all felt somewhere along the line.  However, when I read the article a second time I realized that it took me a bit backwards as it was just setting more boundaries on how we forgive, or what level of forgiveness we are currently working.

Once I just let my heart open and sent an intention for forgiveness, knowing there is no right or wrong, that there is no need for resolution, my heart warmed.  Within each person in this world there is goodness, how many layers that person has over their heart only they will know.  This can be a confusing place which is why maybe keeping it simple is so important.  So with Un-forgiveness we just don’t focus on forgiveness in a formal sense or spiritual sense we just let it be; a knowing that we are all good.  There are a number of experiences that place people on their journey, some much more difficult than others.  So just setting the intention that my light shines in your light will be enough.  If you still feel anger that may be a sign that you haven’t seen the light in yourself.  You can’t control what others believe, you can only control how you react.  Let this be a lesson that it is usually a lot easier than we think.  A simpler process is usually a light at the end of the tunnel.

Below is the article, it is a great one and just progressed my heart to open a bit more!  Peace


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