Observational Opinion Part 2

As I sent out the post it cut off the most important half which was about the village.

I have learned that it takes a village to help evolve the human spirit.  We learn from the wisdom of those who came before us, the lessons they have learned so that we don’t have to make them ourselves.  As our society has changed the basic values have not and I believe that it is time we get back to basics.

When embracing the ideal of the village, one must have an open heart that is willing to listen, leaving your defensive posture behind, the “I knows” behind.  However, we have become a society of judgement, which has created this defensive posture to begin with anyway.   There are a  hundred paths up the mountain we are all running around trying to prove our path is the right one.  It is time to let go, but this is one of the most difficult facets of the ego.  Letting go means that when one is judging you regardless of the situation that you just let it lay before you, not giving it a chance to stick to your heart wall.  This is a challenge I work on each day as we are constantly being presented with judgement.

Judgement will always be around you, and I am certainly not suggestion you roll out the welcome mat.  However, in the spirit of evolution you learn when people are kindly trying to offer wisdom and when they are judging.  It feels different and we have all done it, we just call it an opinion.  If the intention is from the heart and not from the space of right or wrong then let it in, if not set it free.  Your journey is yours alone and there is no need to send out a memo about your progression in human evolution.  If you are walking the line of the village then you have to be ready to embrace the experience that comes from others and the wisdom to identify when it is just anothers ego making  “your journey” wrong.

Let it go, Let it go to God.


Many blessings,






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