An observational opinon

“Not everyone will understand your journey.  That is fine as it is not their journey to make sense of…..IT IS YOURS! ”

Any time we are pushed away from our normal daily “routine”, such as vacation or a holiday, it we have created, it seems that some experience or lesson surfaces in our life.  It is a though when we let go of our patterns we see more clearly or we learn more about our life.

Last night I went onto facebook for a few moments to send some emails and was shocked at the number of posts and comments that were lighting each other up.  I am always one for a good, healthy debate, but usually feel that facebook is not the greatest forum for them.  I have noticed that through the confines of your computer we say things that we may otherwise decide is unkind, which just stirs the pot.  Somehow a computer gives people the courage to share many things they may not in person.  I find it fascinating as learning to be lovingly honest is a difficult lesson, one I practice everyday.

In this midst of all this crazy banter of right, wrong, or misunderstanding, I saw the most beautiful post….”This world will not be healed with anger and hatred for that is what has caused the damage thus far. Tolerance is the path to peace. Truth will only be revealed to those that follow this path and who have unconditional love in their heart as Christ did. It is time to lay down the weapons of intolerance and pride. Be a light and let your love shine forth.” Even though I believe each comment came from good intentions, this one post stuck out and became a beacon of light, a reminder that opinions are not right or wrong.  Actually opinions are just judgement wrapped in a beautiful bow as we all want to honor what others believe.  However, that is just the question:  Through our opinions do we honor what another believes?  Or are we loading our verbal arrows in preparation for the next shot, the next opportunity to blast away.

It is really great conversation when you can discuss your thoughts/opinions about important life issues.  However, it usually turns into a I am right/you are wrong scenario, which only leaves a bad taste.  This is a shame because discussing things such as parenting, politics, medicine will only bring us closer

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