Soul Asylum Re-Post

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“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  
                                                     ~Nelson Mandela 

It is difficult to describe the feeling in one’s heart when everything begins to come together, fear and doubt becoming a shadow of the past.  You feel confidence in your heart and trust in the ultimate divine.  You believe in the endless possibilities that exist not only because you have experienced them yourself, but because you know there is a greater purpose.  Living goes beyond feeling comfortable in your own skin, it means making decisions that serve your heart.  With this confidence you live with greater ease and actually support those who are a ripple in your life choices.

Submitting my book project to Westbow Press last week was such an amazing moment.  While it did feel like a relief that it was finished after hundreds of hours writing, I was so proud of such a major accomplishment.  The limits that we sometimes create from internal and external influences can really  handicap our future endeavours.   However, I left my heart on each letter gaining greater insight each day; it is all coming together.

So begins the process of editing, designing, and registering “Always a Loveolution”, which has been such a gift in itself.  I am looking forward to all the fun aspects of publishing a book, however, mostly setting it free to take on its own form.  For me it has been about a hundred yoga classes, therapy, and wisdom involving the evolution of the human spirit.   A journey that has taken me to the center of my soul.

We all have a story to share, but the greater lesson comes in the evolution of our spirit to oneness.   This is where the soul waits seeking asylum until you are ready to meet your true inner spirit, the seat of your soul.  There are so many aspects to evolving the human spirit and wisdom that toes a very fine line between ego/God or Source.  This is when we need to listen to our destiny, to Gods movement and let God work through us.  This is sometimes a difficult challenge.

While on this journey when I got lost or scared filled with the essence of fear I would ask God to send me a sign, a very clear sign.  The best was the day that I was seeing butterflies everywhere.  One even followed me into Barnes and Nobles.  That day during three different times I found three parts of a butterfly wing.  Butterflies are a sign of transformation and there is no question that I was changing.  I was in the process of allowing my spirit to shine bright.

It felt like each day I understood that transformation was becoming a part of me and I could fight it or ride it.   Honoring the process of transformation just like the evolutionary life of a butterfly. Evolution is not a linear time-line, It is circular in its progression.  No one can say they are “more evolved” than the next as this is solely the work of the ego trying to make you feel important.  As I said it is a very fine line and sometimes gets very lost in the sand, but this becomes the lesson.   We can only know where we are in our own evolution, working “out of this spirit.”  The butterfly represents the cycle of understanding this very truth.

As I got closer to submitting the final copy of the book, I again asked God for a sign.  In two days, I saw a Brown Bear and her cubs, a double rainbow, an Elk, and 3 lucky pennies.  It was a weekend of signs and I didn’t question any idea of coincidence.  My heart felt so strong in self-love.  It may have been the first time that I truly embraced honest conscious living, which is a challenge .   This is when you enter a stage where you do not care what others think not because you “don’t care”, but because you know this is who you are and anyone who loves you will not try to change you;  changing you would be asking you to step away from all the lessons that will be a part of your learning.  They will join you in your journey, your transformation honoring your tools to live a truthful life.

It takes courage to live consciously, however, in doing so it eliminates a significant amount of suffering.  It opens the door to confidence and trust, which just continually evolves.  This makes living with truth easier each day.  I am grateful for the many signs from God, guiding me on my path.  I am grateful for all the support while writing and all the lessons learned.  However, I am most grateful for self-love which becomes a reflection of all love.

May we all spread our wings and fly!

Love and light!


  1. So happy about your book! So proud of you!!!! Love, love, love! Looking forward to seeing you! Any plans confirmed yet?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. You go girl!!!! Be sure and post when this book, “Always a Lovolution” will be available………….. Lovin’ you girl, Carole



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