Personal Empowerment

Yesterday marked an amazing day for quite a few reasons definitely worth celebrating.  I set new intentions and hopes for my 37th year of life, which was extremely exciting.  I also had some major awakenings of personal empowerment that without the past two years I would never have achieved.  “They” say, “God only gives you what you can handle” – This may be true, but in the difficult moments of life we do not always see that light.  We may have flashes of clarity, but doubt and fear may cloud the sky.

I spent a period of time yesterday journaling and writing down “my greatest hits” and while I was writing it all came together.  Like all the little pieces of a puzzle, they came together all at once and it was a beautiful site.  I found my personal empowerment and it almost surprised me.

As I am getting ready to submit my book to Westbow Press, I have been continuously re-reading it to make sure it flows with content and accuracy.  When you keep rereading a story each time you have a different connection to certain situations because you feel differently about it after you have had time to process it.  For example, the day leading up to the life changing phone call was filled with so much support, but I was too shocked to see it.  Now I am grateful not just for these experiences, but for the opportunity to realize and make peace with my soul.

I am so excited to submit this project as I have been working on it for well over a year.  It has been a journey within a journey and also marked as a great deal of unpaid therapy.  While making final changes I had yet another challenge, it is what I call getting slammed.  I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to Astronomy, but apparently Mercury was in Retrograde which means that Chaos will ensue and so it did.  However, through it all I had a few great awakenings proving that you are never “done”.  This is what I love so much about yoga, you are never done learning, even if you are a “master teacher”, you always have goals, hopes, and layers to peel.  It is truly such an amazing tradition that keeps moving you along the flow of the river with you deciding if you are going to cling to the shore or just enjoy the current…maybe both?

Acknowledging my own personal empowerment was such a great moment as it came when it was least expected, I was reading an article about imagination poolside, while I watched my dad and Sawyer swim with great joy.  Watching Sawyer take these first steps of trust, swimming without his vest, realizing his great power may have been the catalyst or maybe it was the article.  Either way, it all connected perfectly reaching layers deep and miles wide.   Once you meet the entire scope is when you literally fall into love.  It encased your imagination with pure forgiveness where you give yourself permission to be your heart and expand on your connection to God’s soul as we are one.  I can’t describe the emotion other than it being so pure, solid and malleable as to allow for positive change going forward.

I sat there with a smile on my face, I remembered years before a friend asking me if I really wanted to move back to the Boston area after Tad got a job in Providence.  I realized as I was dragging my feet that I did not want to move back  for any reason other than my own insecurity.  When we moved to Chicago, I had a blank sheet of paper that I filled with my hopes and dreams, evolving to my true self.  Not who anyone thought I was, or thought I should be.  It was seeds that I planted when I was young, having slight glimpses of who I truly was in my heart.  Moving back to where I grew up made me feel that I would not be welcomed as who I have changed into, I would just be remembered by who people thought I was.

Over time these seeds blossomed divinely as they needed, each seed presenting me with information when I was ready that would help me evolve to who I am today.  I am a mother, a yoga teacher, a birth doula and educator, but most importantly I am a student of my own evolution one with God.  This was the first time in life my outside life matched my internal heart, desires, and dreams.  Shortly after this realization came the greatest challenges I have ever experienced in life, which was filled with so many learning lessons.  Once again, as it was divinely designed each stone was placed perfectly for my next step, supporting me through the journey with understanding, love, and resolving fear, doubt, and anger.  THIS WAS A GIFT and truly understanding it made it that much sweeter.

The day I began writing “Always A Loveolution”,  I realized just how many layers deep, how many old/new fears, anger existed.  In addition, the conflict of forgiveness and self-love.  It is there to meet you when you are ready, like a pre-paid ticket for a trip.  Some days the writing just leapt off my fingers, some days I scratched my head as I was learning at the very same time as I was writing.  All the while, some things and experiences are difficult to put to paper, finding the right words, the right emotion to truly share this experience was very difficult at times.  In my final stage of writing, I have unveiled a new realization that I do not have to defend who I am or my experiences like I often have in the past.

Today I look around me and I am surrounded by those who support me and embrace my heart.  They share their thoughts and guidance like a loving idea instead of an imbalance of power making their opinion more than a suggestion.  I have put up the “Keep Out” sign for those that want to pollute my imagination even though the intention may not be to do so.

Back to my poolside read, I want to share the article that sparked all the pieces of my puzzle coming together divinely in a perfect fit.  It was probably a number of events, that divinely unfolded, but it was this moment that personal empowerment became real.  I gave myself permission to be.  I am not coming from the perspective of  take it or leave it.  I am coming from this is as who I am today and the idea that I hope to continue evolving towards a loving being.  During this process I will not defend myself, I have realized this is such a waste of energy because we are all different; this does not make it right or wrong; just different.  If someone else misreads my honesty I know that my intention comes from love so there becomes nothing to defend.  Really I can not share how freeing this is as it really comes from love not take it or leave it.

I have become one that walks a thin line when it comes to “rules”.  Rules can be a healthy aspect, but with a short slip can turn into a boundary that becomes impassable.  This article however, gave great rules regarding the “Power of Imagination”.  It clearly stated four rules that help you harness your imaginations power to manifest all your truths and desires.

It starts by stating that one must unlearn the ways you have been misusing your imagination creating limitations.  Instead, you must live from the “I am God awareness, which refers to the changeless spirit that is one with source.”  It is important to remember that you have a great deal of power in your imagination and it is yours to be as you desire.

Rule #1 Never place into your imagination any thought that you would not want to materialize.  Be conscious with your thoughts and be kind to yourself.

Rule #2 Never allow your imagination to be contaminated with ideas about how your life used to be.   The past is the past and the door should remain open as each of these experiences have brought forth wisdom, however, when we live with one foot in the past we can never truly move forward.  Giving up the journey of evolving.

Rule #3 Your imagination is yours and yours alone.  “It is a vast, boundaryless realm within you that no one else has access.  It is usually with good intention, but many people try to imprint upon your imaginative wall their thoughts on how you should live.  These view-points usually involve their own self-interest, affirming their own idea’s of right or wrong.  We can use a million examples of this, but as I said it is usually well-intentioned.  As a society we have forgotten how to listen and just offer support.  Many conversations are marked with individuals who are already planning their next move instead of listening to your idea, or situation.  The ego interferes by trying to fix it or show you the better way, when really there is no better way.  For example, I have recently been told several experiences that friends had with life coaches.  Although intention was well-meaning, self-appointed life coaches who tell you how you should be thinking about your future.  Often they’re trying to fulfill their wishes of needing to feel superior by advising others.  Providing a direction when really this guidance should be coming from God.  It is our job to harness a way to listen better to hear this guidance.  There is no doubt that we all need help, but that help may come in many forms a stranger, a suggested book, a yoga class, etc.  As a yoga teacher I have definitely felt that fine line as students have asked questions about the path.  I always try to stick with factual evidence, however, when I move toward my own belief system I clearly outline that is my belief, from my experiences making it a belief; there is neither right or wrong.

Rule #4.  Do not allow your imagination to be restricted to the current conditions of your life.  Your imagination is unlimited and we can easily get stuck.  This means that in order to manifest, creating your desired life you have to change what you believe to be true about yourself.  “This is reality and just the way things are, so there is nothing I can do about it.”  These are the type of thoughts that will taint and defile the great gift of “I am that I am” (meaning your are a mirror of God, made without error)

Creation originates in the world of spirit.  By allowing your senses to have complete control over manifesting your reality, you are placing a barrier, which will block your dreams and desires.  There is no question that we all face difficult challenges in life, sometimes it seems like they just continue and there is no break.  But that just proves the need to be more present than ever and consciously enjoy life.  Challenges are the very ideas that evolve you, they help you create your reality.  Growth is not possible if you don’t change your thoughts, applying the same idea as you did yesterday will keep you planted.  If you feel stuck, listen and look for the signs that may be there to offer new ideas or a new direction.  It may be a counselor of some sort, a teacher, a book, a movie, whatever the catalyst is listen with great intent to make peace with your personal empowerment!

Much love and light!

I look forward to the day I can share that I have submitted “Always a Loveolution” to print!

Holly P

******The article on Personal Empowerment was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer called the The Power of Imagination.  please let me know if you would like more information.


  1. Hi Holly! My name is Sarah, and I was led to your blog through your husband! He works with my husband, Matt, and he told him to let me know about your site. (My husband is the one who claimed that yoga was just “advanced stretching”… Although he knows better! 😉 )

    I’ve been browsing your posts and I just love everything you have to say! It’s too bad that Tad wasn’t able to stay just a bit longer so that we all could have met up in Denver, although I am glad he is home after being away for so long!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your book, and I’m adding your blog to my RSS feed so that I can keep in touch!


    1. Sarah,
      I am so glad you like the blog. I just submitted the book so it is an exciting time! I am looking forward to the possibility of maybe moving out to Denver at some point. We love it out there! I would love to meet you…you guys seem to have an endless supply of yoga! 🙂 Look forward to meeting you!


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