L.O.V.E= Lose Overall View and Embrace.

Total love

Today when I woke up I realized that it was the day of the “ruling”, the ruling that has brought much angst among a community that just wants to celebrate love.  As I watched the news for the first time, maybe in months, I didn’t have any judgement about the opinions that gathered.  However, I found it difficult to see all the hurt and anger when the answer is simple LOVE.

God is love…love is God.  Love sometimes can be  a challenge enough, especially when it involves forgiveness, so do we need to put any additional boundaries on it.  I thought it may be a waste of energy and as we all have to come to our own conclusion, we should respect the very essence of LOVE and each path that is taken to get there.

Love by definition has a few specific interpretations, but the one that was basic and to the point goes as follows:

Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, this is without any boundaries.  So I thought about what love is to me.  Love is unending, and has more kisses and hugs than anyone can foresee.  It is about acceptance, understanding, joy, and most importantly healing.  So by this very essence if we just simply allow, then all roads will lead to LOVE.  If we lose our overall view or position, if we embrace understanding, we can all move so much further forward to accept ourselves in each other.  Instead, it seems that there is such high expectations, that there is such a ruling of right or wrong, which blocks our ability to love purely.

I love!  I love my friends that love.  They simply want to love the path that brings them the most joy.  So to my friends that have chosen a different path which leads to love, I hope and pray that we can evolve to seeing each others path as a path of learning and compassion.  That the many boundaries that have been created will fall like many blockages as history has shown.   No longer spending time defending an expression.

JUST LOVE!  It is simple!






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