This Friend of Mine!

It is so hard to always understand why things happen, what the meaning may be, and we find that sometimes there is just no answer.  We always do the best we can to keep learning, keep loving, and keep forgiving!  We open our hearts in love and relearn to live.  However, sometimes in our deepest suffering, our deepest confusion, our deepest sadness we must adapt to fearless faith.  We must believe that God has a plan much bigger then we will ever know or even begin to understand.

Yesterday God called one of his children home and this child was a “Friend of Mine”.  She was a childhood friend that brought so many amazing memories.  She was there for me I was there for her, it was a blessing and gift.  Her short life has broken my heart and all I have to believe is faith.  That she did what she was supposed to do and fulfilled her journey here, however, that doesn’t mean that her transition home is any less difficult.  This is because selfishly I want her here.  I love her.  She will always be in my heart.

I asked her for a sign and felt bleak as the hours passed without any type of sign.  Then it came immediately like she was whispering it in my ear, “A friend of Mine.”  She read a poem as she stood beside me and watched me marry a man who played an important part in my life, but is no longer my husband.  She stood beside me in the beginning and in the end.  I asked where is that poem?  I quickly searched old files on the computer with no luck, than remembered I had tucked it away in an old file cabinet with a few other cherished memories.  There it was!  As I read it out-loud I felt tears roll down my cheeks.  It was a lasting message about our friendship.  No matter what twist or turn, no matter when we were closer in times then other times, this was the message:

Wedding Toast:

I have a friend

I have known her forever

We have grown up apart, but yet so close in our hearts

She is never far from me-this friend of mine.

We have giggled and joked and we’ve laughed till we cried

She is hilarious-this friend of mine

We have spoken for hours about nothing-and have spoken volumes in just one glance

She knows me well-this friend of mine

We have stayed up late to gossip and have eaten more cookie dough than can ever be good

We have been little girls together-this friend of mine

We have sneaked out, stayed up, danced till dawn, gotten crazy

She is my partner in crime-this friend of mine

She has made me laugh when I wanted to cry and has uplifted me with her loyalty, her kindness, her love

She is my best friend-this friend of mine

I have watched her succeed in everything she has ever done-I have seen her conquer hard times

She is a winner-this friend of mine

I have seen her fall in love – I have seen her face full of joy

She is a romantic-this friend of mine

Robin, this poem is a reflection of my heart to yours.  Your beautiful smile and giving heart will forever be…. Thank you.

It is never goodbye, it is until we meet again!  I LOVE YOU!










  1. Holly – just after I sent that text to you, I opened my ema to read this. This is beautiful. As I was reading the poem, I saw & heard the text back. You are in my thoughts, prayers & heart. Robin was a wonderful person. I love you! Hugs!


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