“The only time to look down on someone is when you’re bending over to help.” -Amish Proverb

Last night I came across this Proverb and it really spoke loudly to me as I was preparing to make my way to Dana Farber today for a full panel of tests.  This is always a difficult day filled with fear that dissipates into trust.  Through much trust and listening to the wisdom that has been passed along this proverb really melted my heart into a million pieces.  I felt that these words didn’t need anything to precede them as they speak right to the soul of the reader.

It is wisdom like this that makes a day like today bearable.  Today was such a huge relief as I heard Dr. Soiffer ring out beautiful words of health!  All my blood work looked amazing and I am great, he even said Tad looked great….just a good day.  I didn’t sleep last night and felt my heart beat out of my chest when I got to Dana Farber, but then it all just melted away in minutes.

While Tad and I were waiting for the doctor to come to the room, I felt a moment where I was lost.  A moment that took me through a flashback of fears and dashed dreams.  The “what if”, that I work so hard to embrace and trust took right over.  Thankfully Tad reeled me in and told me I was fine.  How did he know 🙂

However, while we were talking and I was backing away from the ledge, I looked into my large pocketbook to get something to distract me till the doctor got there.  This am at the early hour of 4:30 I grabbed a couple of magazines off the table and stuffed them in my purse.  Out the door we went as my dad gave me the good luck smile.  It was a catalog called Sunset, which I have never heard of or seen so where it came from is your best guess.  I started combing through each page, looking at the jewelry and as my mind continued in a furry of fear I turned the next page..  Tad just happened to look up as we both laid our eyes on the angel coin that has literally followed me, blessing me through this journey.  Today was no different.

I have given the coin away only for it to be given back to me by another.  I have lost it, to find it deep in my pillowcase.  I have prayed with it, set intentions and buried it, to now see it in a magazine right when I needed the boost.  Trusting these signs has been the door that has given me a great deal of peace.  This peace has allowed me the space to truly learn the wisdom and lessons that comes from walking a path like this.

Walking down the hall after my appointment I felt like I could fly and I was so grateful.  However, in this environment you see those who are in an earlier phase of the journey and you just want to offer hugs.  Although you can’t hug a transplant patient, you can air hug which can be a little awkward so I just offer a loving smile that speaks a thousand words. It matters.  It makes a difference. It can change a day.  Whether you are leaving for deployment overseas, whether you are a transplant patient, or whether you are just crashing down we all need just the gesture that we are not being stared at or judged, but loved.



Many blessings,


Thank you for all your love and continued support.





  1. Greetings from MN!
    Your messages go out a long ways and touch many people.
    Thank you
    Come back for a visit!!


    1. Hey Doris,

      Our Drums are so powerful…can you send me your cell number and I will send you a picture of where we hang them? Either email or cell….We are awaiting news on potentially moving back to midwest with Tads job. So god may have plans for us! Thank you for your kind words bc I am not sure who gets this. Much love and light! Holly


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