Happy Mother’s Day

It has been weeks that I have sat on this blog trying to find the most inspiring words to write for the day of the Mother.  I can’t believe what a challenge it has been as I know that there are not enough or the right words to describe my mother or her heart.  I have mostly learned by watching her as she can sometimes be a woman of few words, but large statements.  However, she taught me the most import ideals in life:  Love and Forgiveness.

As I thought further about the mother and the parallels to life, I thought about the many roles a mother will establish in her lifetime.  So really it is not the label “Mother” that is important as I have met many nurturing woman who have not physically been mothers, but have played this role in many ways.  As I sought to really understand the ideal of being a mom I realized that in the days of the village everyone was the mother.  It is about throwing down the label and getting to the core of the role which is love.

A mother will demonstrate love not teach it.

A mother will offer forgiveness to anyone as there is no space to hold on to it.

A mother will offer friendship in an appropriate evolution.

A mother will punish when all else fails.

A mother is magic, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it.

A mother expresses emotion and creates a stage to release.

A Mother is FULL OF LOVE.

If you know anyone that fits this description, even if they do not have children wish them a blessing on this sacred day.  As these are actions that we need to become more connected to each other.  This got me thinking as it is not a secret that we have become very disconnected from one another.

It was really brought to light the past two weeks as I thought long and hard about the day that honors the mother.  I wondered why beyond just technology we have become so fast passed, so disconnected?  Even in the light of tragedy the connectedness and love is short-lived.  I am not sure I have the answer to this, but I know in the past two weeks as my smile fell upon those I saw throughout my day that it was not always returned.  I no longer am a masked woman so my heart is always open to a conversation with a stranger.  I chalked it up to the idea that we do not know what that person has gone through that day and leave it in peace.

In the light of reflection I really can say I “pondered” on why we are so estranged to each other.  Why we have created so many boundaries and labels which cause suffering.  We must be available to open and receive.  My offering to you on mother’s day are two pieces of advice that have been giving to me in love.

Everywhere you go people are on their phones texting or searching for an App that will cut out human interaction which is perceived as saving more time.  People are so out of balance with technology that many are living their lives third party to their facebook page or iphone. As I said I believe in the greatness that technology has brought into our lives, but with everything we must have balance.  I question if we have balance or have we just created this constant search to find relaxation.

We move so fast throughout the day, we are overstimulated with noise, lights, and then we take what time we would have to balance the day with posting on facebook.  I am not making this wrong I am simply pointing out that we are losing our ability to connect with other humans because we are forgetting to live consciously in the moment and hiding behind a computer.

I offer you this gift that was challenged to me many years ago, when I first started teaching yoga.  Take one day in your week and observe and acts of kindness or acts that felt rude/ disconnected.  Either write down these acts throughout the day, if you wait till the end of the day you will probably forget which is an entirely different lesson as we see that many things just don’t matter anyway.

Wait 2 days and go back to see if you created that interaction that developed the act of kindness.  Did your fast pace, iphone, or facebook post create a reaction that was less than pleasant??  Find the root of each action with this you will know if it is time to set limits to your phone because you need to develop a new relationship with quietness.  Do you need to be more open to others around you?  Or are you just exactly where you need to be?

My second gift is from my friend Wendy who gave me the book “The Parent’s Tao Te Ching”.  I believe everyone should read this very short interpretation of the Tao, but that is just my opinion.

One of the best excerpts is The Energy of the Universe.  God’s Child.

Your children are not mere lumps of clay

waiting for your expert hands.

They are the very energy of God and will become what they will become.

They are sacred beings.

If you tamper with them you will make everyone miserable.

They will find success,

and failure.

They will be happy,

and sad.

They will delight you,

and disappoint you.

They will be safe,

and at great risk.

They will live,

and they will die.

Stay at the center of your own soul.

There is simply nothing else you can do.

Allow our need to control and shape our children be released as we embrace the guidance received from God.

I hope you all had an amazing day 2 weeks ago and I hope you can offer some insight or thoughts to the sacred mother!

Much love and light!


“Being a mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, since each payment is pure love.”


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