Your will is one step toward a victory, but your soul “is” the victory.


I have taken some time from writing the blog as I have spent a lot of time writing and reflecting on the past year and a half.  Writing this book is taking me through the forests, to the land where the grass grows, and back through the seas.  I have been humbled and learned so much that the writing at many stages has been easy.  However, the difficult times are always the times of realizing loss and how much fear took control and still may even when you didn’t think that was the case.  As I am coming through full circle, I feel ready to move forward through a rebirth.  My life is now very different and I thank god every day.   Within each breath I am grateful for all the learning and I look forward to the many lessons this journey will continue to introduce.  I have felt that teeter between the spirits and mind/body and I believe it is a very fine line.  So in many cases I have just listened and been guided to books, to ideas, to ideals.  Living whole has been a goal that I didn’t know I had.  It requires much attention and practice, but you release what is not serving you.  You embrace all the beauty of oneness and love.  I have done this over past months and I am now putting them into action as I didn’t fully understand how to move forward previously.

Overall I have learned through others sharing, through watching, through acting, this is where it boils:


I have learned that listening is critical to understanding and forgiving.

The quiet and stillness of the mind comes with practice and patience.

I have learned that opinions/observations/and judgments are all very different.  Opinions bring us into something that may not be ours to know.  Observations are educational and in the right state of mind are kind as they kick off everything, but truth.

Judgements may be necessary in certain situations in order to make peace or to move forward, but if this is your greatest tool, then you too are a fool.

I believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs and they should be lovingly received.  If you listen closely you may realize that your beliefs are not too far apart.

I could keep listing all the lessons, which I have graciously embraced during dark nights and sunny days.  Many while sharing in the writing of the loveolution, but I will just share one last important ideal: Love is the bottom line.  All of the buzzing around you, all the temptations, and all fears can easily be squashed with love.  Love is a temple climber, a rainy shower, and the best idea God ever had.  It brings us all close and understanding of each other, sharing in each others experiences without judgment or jumping to share yours.  Love is a blessing and I am so thankful that I have got that.

Love is so many things that again listing them all would take up this whole blog, but I feel I want to name a few.

Love is realizing that life goes on around you and that others need love too.  It isn’t a tit for tat, but it is a delicate balance that keeps relationships healthy.  Love is the passion you feel in a hug.  Love is knowing that you need to step back.   Love is forgiveness and kindness wrapped in the best Christmas present you have ever received.

There are many things that Love is not, but that is for each one of us to decide.  But when you take a deep breath, reaching  the bottom of that breath, before it is released, opens the doorway to your love window and wisdom.


I can’t wait to share this story of the loveolution with you.  I am halfway through and plan to be done in the upcoming months.  I hope to celebrate this summer with an amazing journey and overall health and love.

One last piece on love.  I am learning that in order to understand and feel true love you must love everyone the same.  In this understanding you truly love yourself.  It is difficult to love those that have hurt others, committed crimes, stole, broke hearts, but we MUST love everyone the same.  I am not there yet, but I hope that as the walls fall one at a time that I will be able to understand this and fully embrace it.  When I think of this it feels so good, but putting it in action is much harder.  So now I pray for this.

I know that I love Tad, Sawyer, My mom,dad, and brothers more than anything in the world.  If it weren’t for them this story may be very different as the outcome.  I have learned much from them as I watched them love me to health.  There are no words of thanks because there aren’t enough words or enough blogs to share this.  However, the love I have in my heart is infinite….”to the moon and back”


May we all love each other through these crazy and exciting times.


Love and light,



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