Sunday night stand down

Repetition is not failure.

Ask the waves, ask the leaves, ask the wind.

Usually around Five o’clock on Sundays I begin to get that feeling in my stomach…the week is going to begin.  How is this week going to be?  Will I be stronger than before mentally, physically, spiritually??  Sunday has become the night that I have started to call Sunday Stand down because I am really working towards moving away from being connected to days of the week as they have held me prisoner at my own cost.  I have created a “routine” that usually follows the days of the week.  I think we all do to a certain degree.

At different points in life, time has each served as a milestone for lack of a better word, some call it ground hogs day.  However, there is no pace or time for inner learning.

In high school, Friday night was the big football game and who knew what would be going on after.  Maybe it was a meet up at Dairy Express or some Kegger at the DEQE.  LOL  Ah, I laugh just thinking that all those beautiful houses once were the stomping ground for a bunch of crazy, horny high schoolers.  It was fun times.  It was an exciting time, no responsibility as we know it, just learning which would probably be the greatest responsibility we know.  Then Sat night would be date night and Sunday would be homework, maybe an afternoon movie….then the start to an exciting week without too much drama.

In College, it was a free for all.  It depended how you chose classes. For example,  Tuesday and Thursday I loaded my class schedule so Mon/Wed not the best. But after Thursday, it was gravy.  It was free, I was free…. Until the next semester where Mon/Wed/Fri were the “stressful days”.  So Stressful that I once left class with a friend to go for an “ocean drive”.  Just to smell the sweet sea air and look at all the beautiful mansions that Salve Regina had sitting in her backyard.  I was blessed.  (Thank you Mom and Dave) I made a lot of mistakes in College and some of them did not seem to be lessons at the time, however, now I know they shaped my heart.  But at the time they seemed to be filled with deceit and “Mean Girls” which turned into the pain that a broken heart may carry, however pride wins the race.  (In College anyway  🙂

After College was when the bubble broke and it really began, M-Fri work week, then the weekend was a big celebration.  Then Sunday night we all knew we had to ramp back up for a week of work. Sometimes a group of us would make it a point to go out on Sunday to break the cycle.  Allow Sunday to be the big night out…but still it felt weird and we all knew we had to get up in the morning.

Over the past years our family has had so many blessings.  I met Tad, we moved to the midwest and I got to experience a whole different life.  We traveled all over Europe, got engaged in Germany, and then moved to Chicago, which I am not embarrassed to say I thought was a state.  Hey, as I mentioned above I only did homework on Sunday, not much in the geography department.  I stayed home after I had Sawyer. So once again I went from M-Fri to what day is it??  I just always knew that Sunday meant less help…LOL  Sunday in the Military meant that it was a light duty day for everyone…then Mon was game on.

What it all comes down to, as this Sunday rolls around and I look at how blessed my life is (even through moments of pity), I realize that the days of the week will always flow Sunday through Saturday.  I am not sure who made this up or who decided upon the calendar.  I would like to make a few changes, anyhow 🙂  What we learn comes when we need it, no matter what day/hour, how old or young, no matter how many times we have to start over, or have to learn the same lesson.  We fall down as many times as we need to, then we get up whether it is Sunday or Friday.  We misunderstand the truth that utters it choir all around us, until we finally let go.  We realize that slowly we will let got of the days of the week, we have created to take our attention away from evolving.   It is official when the days of the week do not matter any longer, and we are just living to embrace each day.  Enjoy each interaction, make the most of the beauty that the day will offer, and remain blessed.

The Yogi’s believe that we are assigned all our  breathes the day we are born.  Therefore, why rush your breath, take each one slow, cherished with love and filled with life.

Take each day, each moment slow, and cherish it with love.

Have a blessed morning!  Much love and light   Holly P

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