I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Day retreat.  A time to enjoy family and in addition, take some time for self-reflection for the many blessings that we all have in our lives.  Including friends,children, opening doors, guidance, and new adventures.

We were blessed to have Tad’s father in town from Fargo and it was just an amazing visit.  He has such a great perspective on life and we enjoyed our long hike through the woods, where we found a rock filled with crystal quartz, along with walking sticks, and other stones. (We chiseled a lot of pieces so if anyone wants some for meditation or anything please let me know)

On Thanksgiving we sat down for our dinner and all held hands to give thanks for the exciting things that are happening in our family.  At this time, I couldn’t help but feel the quiver in my throat as last year Turkey Day was spent in the hospital eating Sawyer’s left overs which left Tad a bit bummed…..he really wanted Sawyer’s Turkey. LOL  But seriously, it could not have been so extremely opposite.  When I could no longer speak the words to bless our food, my Dad stood up and finished the blessing in a very special way.  His words rang through me as if he was reading my mind and he continued to express joy for this Thanksgiving.  I know what a challenging this year was for him too and through it all he never waivered….maybe just annoyed, but that is our thing for those who know us!   We all express ourselves differently, this act of love was empowering and I will never forget it.  He has made this past year easier in many ways and has formed a bond with Sawyer that is very special to both of them.

There are so many things that will forever be marked in my DNA.  Much like New Year, Thanksgiving is an extra special time to be thankful, but everyday we have lots to be thankful for in our lives.  If we take time each day to show gratitude and thanks it grows the love in our hearts and softens the ego that continues to create the story of suffering.   I ,personally, have so much to be thankful for this year, more then ever.  One thing I am especially grateful for is my new 0 to 10 scale.  Not much makes a 10 anymore unless it is something very exciting, which is just perfect.

With so much looking back in such a short couple of days, there is no way an experience like this doesn’t change a person and those that supported closely.  We all learned together through the tears, laughs, and just complete amazement.  Sometimes it may seem as if it is dramatic when I talk about lessons learned, but there is no drama, not even close.  If anything I have learned that life continually serves us choices to evolve and how we listen to this guidance, trying to decipher its code can be difficult.  But we must unload the unnecessary and make our life a state of beautiful balance, which is living.  It can be shocking when you dig to the bottom of the pile expecting to find dirt, however, what you come up with is ideas or lessons, realizing the digging is the gift.

The past weeks have been filled with all kinds of crazy.  I got certified in Full Body Reflexology (this includes foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, compression and trigger points, lastly body reflexology) and I am very excited to begin helping people heal themselves.  It was one of the healing modalities that really worked for me during my treatment and the more I research it I feel like it is a stone uncovered, waiting to help so many people.  Thanks Colleen for your treatments which began my healing.   Also, I have been in negotiations with West Bow Press regarding writing and sharing this story.  It will be a fiction, based on a true story.  I am really excited at the potential opportunity, however, very surprised just how emotional the beginning of this process has been.

I have told them the story and they have read the blog.  They advised me just to begin writing right from the beginning and believe I have a very inspiring story to tell.  I was again, surprised how emotional some aspects of this journey overwhelmed me as if I didn’t know it happened.  But really many of the details went into remission along with the Loveolution, so I had to do some digging.  Again, finding the lessons and the gift.

My heart feels soft as I am molding myself with each breath that was taken over the past year and a half.  There have been many laughs, extreme laughs, tears, heartbreak, fear, and confusion.  However, all of these and many more have opened my heart in a way I didn’t know possible.  I am still learning how to use the tools to live a heartfelt, honest, self-less, and loving journey.

I am excited to share this story as much of it I did not write in the blog.  A lot of it was very personal and at the time I was trying to figure it out myself.  The way the story flows together is just one amazing feat after another, as if someone lined up all the details in a divine manner and said go.  I ask for your prayers and love as I begin writing this story.  It will definitely cover a lot more material that ties all the blogs together.  Maybe it will make a lot more sense with the large gaps in time when I couldn’t write.  In addition, all the mini-miracles that I experienced along the way will be quite surprising.

While writing this story, I also hope to start the beginning stages of organizing a Foundation to help those adults that are trying to get back on their feet after a serious illness.  If you are interested in helping or know anyone who is please send your information.  I look forward to this exciting time and sharing the book with you.  It is not so much about the Loveolution, but the journey that brings me fresh in life today!

I love you and look forward to sharing the holidays with many of you!!

Many blessings,



  1. Hi Holly, A little piece of your crystal quartz would be awesome to have by my healing table. Also, am going to Arkansas on Dec. 10th thru Dec. 14th……….. will be spending a day at Mt. Ida digging for quartz and diamonds, then will just visit some spiritual sites the rest of the time. Patty and another friend, Mary Ann, will be meeting me there and we will see what we can stir up. Eleven years ago Kryon channeled that there are relics left by the Atlanteans in areas of Arkansas, so am eager to go and check it out. Will let you know what happens…………. will save you some quartz from there if I dig any up. Glad to hear Tad’s dad made it out to see you guys for Thanksgiving. Lots to be grateful for, eh???? Congrats on your book!!! Much love to you, Carole



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