“Your friends are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.”  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am currently reading the power of intention by Dr. Wayne, which was given to me by my friend Cindy and it is an amazing book!!   I believe she knew it would help this part of my journey which is getting back on my feet.

This book helps create/develop your inner imagination and offers tools for manifesting your reality.  It ultimately helps you see where your words play a large role in what makes up your reality.  It shares many ideas of how to bring peace to your life, while you are creating the journey you truly want.  One of my favorites is his guide to “Making your intention Your Reality” —

1.  Move away from hoping, wishing, praying, and begging for the right person to show up in your life.  –  Through this past year I have journeyed with God, listening and I believe what I want to see in my reality.  I have done it without fear and replaced it with trust. (I have my moments as I am always a student).

2. Conceptualize the person you want to be and detach from any false outcomes.  Many old habits that we learn when we are young or older may be hard to break, so continue to conceptualize the person you want to be as you can change.  Each breath offers an opportunity to change and the old habits will eventually fade away.  But there wasn’t a song “Old Habits die Hard by Dave Stewart” for nothing.  It takes work and dedication!  However, this work doesn’t mean letting go of who you really are, it means finding the true you and surrendering to the parts of you that are no longer serving you.

In addition, look to every person that has ever been in your life as they have been sent to teach you a lesson on your journey.  I wrote a list of those that are no longer in my life and after really looking at it…I could see all the blessings and lessons learned.  And you never know when a person will jump back in…will you open the door???

3.  Act upon the inner picture and take the path of least resistance.  Following your intuition and listening to God is such an important part of life.  It makes life so much easier, when we do this.  If something seems really difficult and you keep coming back to the same circle, then it is time to find a new route on the GPS.  Ways to practice connecting to this space is by just sitting in a room with complete silence.  Let your ego thoughts pass by almost as you are a watcher.  Then let yourself go deeper, this is the voice of intuition.  You will get to know it better and better as you develop a relationship, so you won’t confuse it for your ego.

4.   Practice patience.  There is no question that this is one of the most difficult actions to practice.  Patience and peace come together, but the question is really how do you practice patience.  I have thought about this quite a bit and realized that you have to literally practice.  There are opportunities every day to be patient with someone else’s choice of action.  Again all you have is your reaction, so patience for yourself and for the other will make things much more smooth.

5. Always remain in a state of gratitude.  This is challenging because we don’t even have extra time to breathe real full breaths.  Being honest with yourself, how often do you sit down and think about the things that you have to be grateful for in your life.  Writing them down is always a great idea, but you don’t even need to go that far.  What about the shower, turn the radio off in the car, shut your cell phone off for 1 hr.  There really are a lot more opportunities to meditate imagination and think about the intentions you want to bring to your journey.  We all have a lot to be grateful for in life.

This is a great list and I refer to it a lot, but it is a challenge, which I why I started this blog post with the quote by Dr. Dyer.  “Your friends are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.”

I have been working hard on all of the above as I know in my heart the person that fills me up and warms my heart with love, but it is in the moment that it is such a challenge.  I am sure many would agree that this is a work in progress.

Just over the weekend my mom “disciplined”  🙂 me as she overheard a conversation I had with a relative.  This person had a request of me that I felt was shared in a rude way, so I matched it with a “I didn’t get the memo”.  Now did I need to say this….no.  But it was burning a whole right through my butt to my seat…really I think that my mom has a black mark on her cream leather seats.  What it did was “it chapped my ass.”  LOL  Ahhhh so as I tried to reason with her, pleading my case about the fact that I am not going to be a punching bag for anyone, I realized that I did the opposite of what I am really working on which is letting go.   I had no patience as my feelings were hurt and so my defensive posture took over, when I could have just let it go lovingly, knowing the whole situation.  Again I can only react and I can’t control the other side.  So the good news is that I recognized this, with a little help, after I blasted my mother with a return to teenage years, “I don’t need you to tell me how to have a conversation.”  LOL in the end it was funny, but it does seem that we are more honest and short with relatives bc we feel the security of the fact that they are family.  However, we should be this way with everyone honest with love.  I was honest, but short  so something I am working on as we speak.

On the way home I felt bad, which is definitely a sign you reacted against your truth.  I thought about how important my family is to me, but we are not all close and that is ok.   Then I started to think about how easy it is to be short with the people you love the most in life, like mom, dad, Tad.  The journey of life is not always easy and if it was there would never be any opportunity for growth and change.   So the easiest thing we can do is start with our words.    How we speak them, what words we speak, and how we react to words spoken to us.  Some say it is hard to “take the high road”, but that is just your ego telling you that you are better.  When you go deep inside you are making a choice not to react because it is the hight road.  You are making a choice to recognize there may be more to the whole story and maybe we are wrong.  In addition, miscommunication is often the culprit, but we just overlook that and go to the famous tit for tat!  Either way it is a fine line between not reacting and letting one walk all over you.  Have the courage to stand and be honest in a loving way or let it float by like a Tai Chi practitioner that never allows what he or she does not want in their energetic space.  However, it is important to remember this takes time, so when you begin to recognize the opportunities to make one choice or the other it feels like a victory.  For me over the weekend a failure, but getting back up on the horse is the only way to go.

After the weekend I did some additional work with this and took 3 examples of how you felt that urge to fire back at someone after they shared something with you.  Did you match them and try to top the insult or did you just let it go??  I learned a lot and feel blessed by the growth.

*** Tad, Mom, Dave, Cindy, Jeff, Shad, and Kelly   Thank you for supporting me during all the stages of this healing.  They have all been challenging in their own way, but this is definitely one of the most difficult.

Much love and light on our journeys.


Holly P

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