Slowing Down

“Earth Mother, you who are called by so many names. May all remember we are cells in your body and dance together.”   – Star Hawk

Last night we took Sawyer trick or treating at my parents condo complex.  We figured that it would be more bang for the buck as where we live the houses are much further apart and Sawyer may lose wind fast….or maybe not knowing Sawyer.  Anyway, I dressed up too and it was so much fun, I almost forgot how much fun.  I was a good witch and Sawyer was the Green Lantern and together we saved Webster lake from anyone having extra candy today. 🙂  PHEW!!

When I was putting on make-up, doing a real smokey eye and decorating my face it felt so mysterious and exciting. (How often does one get to do a “REAL” smokey eye)  Like I was me pretending to play the part of a fantasy witch in make-believe land,  Sawyer is there all the time so why not for a night I figured.  People were very surprised that I dressed up, but had many compliments for our duo and the show Sawyer put on as he yelled “Green Lantern to the rescue”.  I was his side-kick, the good witch to help with anyone coming from the side or behind.  It was so much fun to be a part of his world and the special night of Halloween as last year I lay in a hospital bed watching videos of Sawyer and Tad going house to house. (to be honest they didn’t do near as good as we did LOL)

At one point I stopped, and just watched Sawyer.  Through his mask I could see his intense eyes that told a story of fun and love.  He knows it’s just a costume, but had so much fun pretending to be a superhero.  Last night, he was my teacher, reminding me that we all need to have fun, not just when we are children.  We are all sooo busy to have “fun”.  Sometimes it seems like life is too busy to just laugh….when was the last time you belly laughed.  Our children do it regularly, we do it????  hmmmmm  Yes we have more responsibilities and those have to be met, however, there is always time for fun and I know this because I have many fun friends that have very busy lives.  IT CAN BE DONE!

After a night of laughs, we began making plans for the holidays and I felt the stress immediately.  It was like a business meeting that no one had the answers to get it right.  There are a few complicated aspects as late Nov. hosts Alexandra and my moms bdays, Tad’s father will be in town, and a few other twists and turns.  So my father, as soon as he saw the stress come over my face said, “I WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS”!  I wasn’t sure if it was because he didn’t want me to stress or if he was annoyed, maybe both.  However, I kinda laughed on the inside because he usually just goes with the plan that we all make.  But he started his list with Thanksgiving, covering bdays, than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  So for the most part minus a few kinks, we have the plan laid.

On my way home I drove alone, Tad took Sawyer in my car.  I sat in silence as I thought about the end of the night.  Sawyer showed me that fun is a must which I quickly forgot as soon as we started the business of the holidays.  Many adults don’t enjoy the holidays, or some aspects of them.  I usually hear from many that  “I have to make a turkey (which would be mind blowing…thank god for Tad), get presents, a tree,  etc as the list is endless,” but all these “to do’s” really can be a lot of fun, so we should all make the extra effort to turn it around when it begins to feel like an obligation.  I think there has been a magic spell put on adults, which makes the entire holiday season seem like a job.  A check list that needs to be done by a certain date, parties to attend, dinners to host, presents to wrap.   So as Sawyer was a superhero last night, so was Dave as he reminded us all that it can be simple and it is just about spending time with  family.

We have a lot to celebrate this year.  Last year Thanksgiving took place in a hospital room as I ate Sawyer’s left over turkey like I had never seen meat.  Sawyer laid in bed with me and cuddled, somehow seeming to ignore all the lines and beeping machines that were all around me.  Tad was filled with emotion seeing this because we all believed it was going to be a good outcome, but only God has that plan laid.

Today I am alive and I am going to live each day as the best day ever  or as I possibly can.  I am sure there will be some re-wiring of the brain here as the adult spell was cast and I too have treated the past several holiday seasons like a part time job.  Losing the real identity of the holidays, which is love and family.  A few years ago I ran around like a crazy person because I wanted Sawyer to have the best XMASS.  He enjoyed the wrapping paper, but he didn’t get the concept he was one!  COME ON HOLLY!!!!

There are amazing reminders and signs all around us to slow down and feel/enjoy the moment of the holiday.  So during any hustle and bustle just stop and breathe.  See what it feels like as the buzz continues to stay energetically moving by, but you stop just for a moment as a reminder to slow, watch, listen, and learn.

May we all enjoy the holidays season together.

Much love,

Holly P

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