Eye of the Storm!

We woke up this morning with no electricity and Tad looked at me as we laughed because Sawyer was in a partial cry because he couldn’t watch his morning show.  Tad was in a partial cry because he needed to turn the generator on to get some coffee.   It was just so funny how we were thinking on the list of importance.

We have kept our eyes on the storm, of course, but I have to say that everyone has their own take on it.  There is no question that if you live on the coast or areas that have a history of flooding then you need to take extra precautions.  However, it is interesting to see how some news stations make it seem like you should go spend the next week in your basement eating MRI’s.  Some just saying make sure you take caution and have safety/ preparedness ready which is my take.  You should always have some level of preparedness for anything.  It could be a storm of any kind that could be cause for concern, but after the facts it is just your perspective and most importantly, how you react.

I mean this metaphorically as well.  I have worked over the years with people that extremely overact to situations that were designed to create fear or parlay some kind of brainwashing.  I will admit I (from time to time) I also got caught up in the craziness, adding to the situation, energy that just allowed the storm to turn to a category 5.

I have learned that this is one of the greatest keys in life, especially for those that need to reduce stress in their life.  Keep to the facts instead of creating your own story, this is something I have acknowledged and work into my life daily.  Katie Byron does a lot of amazing work with this, but I personally find her line of questioning that she applies to a situation, to be a bit confusing.  I say keep it even more simple.  Start with facts, not your emotion, not your opinion…just facts and keep it simple.

I did a little exercise, where I went back to a couple of situations that I believe I added drama and created a bit of my own story.  When I went back took out the emotion, drama, and stuck with the facts it seemed like a completely different situation all together.

Reaction is one of the strongest forces we have to handle any situation.  Being in the eye of the storm, where it is peaceful and calm, gives you the opportunity to make good choices.  No matter where you live, or who you are there is always a storm that you can choose to make a category 5 or keep it simple at a category 1.  When life is simple and much less stressful, you will have so much more energy to live with kindness and find your internal truth.  This could be as big as having the positivity to change careers, or do something that you just didn’t think you had the ability because your reaction was always negative.

Remember a storm is mother nature’s way of cleaning up her playground and even give those who use her an opportunity to clean up as well. Look at this as a gift.

“A life of reaction is a life of slavery, interllectually, and spiritually.  One must press for a life of action, not reaction.” – Rita Mae Brown

Much love and light!


Place your palms on your belly and as your breathe into your belly fill your back body as well before you allow the breath to make its way to your upper chest.  Imagine a storm swirling in your belly creating a beautiful breath that is healing and loving.  Close your eyes and feel the softness of each lid and on an exhale (whenever you feel clarity from breathing deep belly breaths), allow the exhale to move down your face, shoulders, and then the rest of your body like a wave.  Once you are in a state of calmness and feel clear, take yourself to 1 or 2 situations where you know you added to the drama making it a storm.

1. Ask yourself what really were the facts, even if this means you were “wrong” (it is always ok to be wrong, the best part is admitting it).

2. Simply write down how you could have turned down the dial and not had such a reaction which created the drama.

3.  Write down how fear and anger brought forward the reaction.

4. Write down how love and kindness could have changed this experience to a positive action.

5.  Last, but most importantly, let go and let yourself be free from past mistakes.  If you take the past to the future, that is a big mistake.  If you let the past shape you and help you grow on many levels then you listening to your internal teacher.


Many blessings,

be safe today!

Holly P

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