Have you ever really thought about what the word peace means?  Have you ever asked what does it feel like to truly be peaceful inside and out?

These are two questions that I have thought about for a long time.  There are many ways to express peace, feel peace, share peace.  In addition, there are many ways to speak peace,v m  Paz, shanti, Vrede, Paix, Shalom, and the list goes on and on.  During this year I have tried to keep as much peace around me as possible, as I figured my way through my journey.  I simplified everything starting with material items, then I set on a journey to have a rebirth.  I knew that understanding peace would be a major part of it because if you don’t have peace, then how do you have love.   They really go hand in hand, one within the other.

One night I was watching Sawyer sleep and I saw such peace in his soul.  When he first woke up that morning he looked at Tad and me and said “I love my family”.  I saw such love and peace in his eyes….  And then it began, the crazy energy that zips through every childs body, their desire to learn and make their world bigger.  And anyone who knows Tad, knows that his energy is not far behind Sawyers so I should say my two kids> LOL  However, in all seriousness there was something different, probably because I was looking for it.  But, even with his continued excitement, and some misbehaving, I saw in the eye of his storm….. peace.  I wondered if you look into the eyes of others if you would find this sweet spot of peace mostly in children and those that love life.

As I have been reading a lot, I came across a book that I bought a long time ago with my friend Elise.   “What does peace feel like”?  It is a book about children and how they perceive peace in their hearts.  The author starts by bringing to the attention of the reader how beautiful the word peace sounds as he lists it in every language.   He asks “Did you ever close your eyes and try to imagine peace”.   Kinda sounds like a beetles song, but still this is something I had never done…have an image of peace? (more than quiet, more than peace because there is no war etc.)   The children’s answers were so amazing and simple that it brought tears to my eyes.  If only children could run the house things would probably go so much smoother.  🙂

One night before bed I set out to imagine PEACE.  I asked myself what peace felt like to me, looked like, sounded like, and tasted like.  I had a myriad of feelings sweep over me. It felt warm, colorful, sweet and so loving.  It felt like no matter what, you were so safe and every problem in the world could be solved so simply.  It was definitely an amazing feeling and I got it:  All the beautiful words I have ever used in yoga classes, and the words writers use to express thoughts of love all come down to loving yourself and expressing this beautiful energy outward.  Imagine a day where everything you do is in peace….no matter what the action of the person at the drive through at Starbucks, your response is peace.  At work, a co-worker that you may not care for you, you enjoy more because you aren’t trying to judge her or his actions or surrender to your own insecurities.  Everything is exactly as it should be.  There is no need to fit a label, or rise to someone else’s expectations, you are loving and confident with your desire to be happy which is self-less not selfish.  Love for self, peace, happiness: they all follow each other like a train through the hills of Tuscany, with the option for a little wine to brighten the color..LOL!!!

One of the best books I have ever read is “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani.   After she wrote her book, she had such wild success that Hay House Publishing asked her to do an online course.  So I signed up and listened intently to her experiences and explanation for how we are all one.  She did several exercises and one particular exercise was designed to discover self love.  Exercise: Sit down in a quiet place with a pad and pen.  Write down all the things you don’t like about yourself.  Maybe things you have done or something about your personality….whatever it may be simple or more challenging write it down.   Now write down all the things you love about yourself.  Everything from external to internal.  Look at the two lists and you will have your answer of love for self.  Be honest with this exercise because I believe this is knowledge and it will give you the power to understand yourself, deepening your relationship with intuition, healing, and life.  In  addition, it will help you become more in love and at peace with self.  Each time I have done this exercise I have noticed that I have worked through things that I believed I didn’t like and have turned the “like” list longer.  I will tell you it was tough to be brutally honest, but there was such a shift and I felt so much lighter.  We have all these relationships in life, husbands, partners, wives, friends, animals, etc  If we do not have love for ourself (which is just our ego trying to cause suffering), then we can not truly extend love to another.  That love you feel when you first meet someone, it is the reflection of your internal love….if not then it is just lust.  I am not saying lust is bad…. 🙂   However, this is just the truth.  The more ways we can be honest with ourselves, move away from negative situations, stop creating them as well.  The more ways that we can truly identify areas where are insecurities hide deep inside, the more space we will have to love self and all those around us, with peace and TRUE happiness in our corner.

Much love and light.

Holly P.

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  1. What a beautiful post Holly. I’m teaching the heart chakra in tomorrow’s teacher training and I think that exercise would be perfect for the group to do. I look forward to doing it myself as well. Thank you for all your inspiration and light. Namaste! Mara


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