I finally had to give up my black berry that I have had for about 5 years bc of rough handling and several other problems. The iphone was what “everyone” was talking about and the talk and text was really intriguing  to me  so I upgraded to the iphone.   From the beginning I had such a tough time with it.  Constant dropped calls, the talk and text had a mind of its own and suri, I am not sure does not like me   🙂        So I went to best buy (bc of course you get insurance for anything IT) to return my phone and get it fixed.  They told me that once I got home and downloaded  all my contacts would be nice and pretty in my fixed phone… can imagine where this is going!  So no contacts, but the phone is fixed and I didn’t have to send it out, so I take that as a plus.  So I wondered coincidence or not??
Sat. was the Autumn Equinox a day of starting fresh, letting go of all that doesn’t serve you, and really connecting with your truth.  Tad and I did a fire circle where we wrote down all the things we wanted to let go of, forgive ourselves for, and experiences we want to bring into our reality.  We started the fire pit and said a prayer of protection and love as we started throwing in our wishes…….even Sawyer said a prayer for good blessings.

As we have moved over a year ago, the past months we have been going through our home and either thrown away stuff or given it to the goodwill.  It is amazing once you realize that things don’t mean as much as we once thought.  Anything in my closet that I hadn’t worn in the last 8 months went…things I thought I could never part with, but really it is always with you.  Items you can purchase again….I mean be real we all need a couch and TV  🙂  I have watched a few episodes of breaking Amish and it didn’t really work out for them to go with out a  TV>>>>  LOL

We burned all kinds of stuff.   I burned a suit  that I wore quite a bit during my pharmaceutical days.(A metaphorical healing)   We burned letters, financials, while we asked for abundance, stuff that I did at the hospital burned like rage that once was a part of my cells, but has been filled with love.  It felt so good to let go of so many things physically and emotionally.  It felt so good to be grateful for the help and love that has flowed through our lives.  The freedom of realizing home is inside of you and all those you love is so awakening.   Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should not have any material things that bring joy to your life….but I am sure you would agree if you just look around in the room that you are currently sitting you would see at least 5 things that you could do without.

Bringing this all together, my point in sharing this was that it just happened to be the next day that I realized all my contacts were gone.  All those phone numbers and emails….ugh.  But then I thought maybe this is a part of the cleansing.  My last blog entry focused on our life as a theater, you can have people in your balcony that you have much love for, but may not be super close then your front row that you probably talk with everyday.

Over the past year I have had to hibernate for lack of a better word which was amazing in many ways and lonely in many others.  As I continue to learn and observe I realize that the relationships you choose to have in your life should be loved and respected.  In addition, the relationships that are no longer super close should also be loved and respected as there was a time this person was a teacher for you.  When you are on the phone you should be listening instead of thinking about what you want to say (we have all done this or we are doing 2 other things while pretending to listen…LOL)

I am still healing and still have precautions to take.  I know that I still need to reach out for help. But I am so grateful for all those that have taught me, loved me, helped me get through this time.  I would really like to start blogging weekly and would love your support.  They will be mini yoga classes.  Please share the blog with your friends      then press follow.    If you would like to comment go to the bottom of the post and press comments.

In addition, if you are in my theater would you send me your cell number.    🙂


Much love and light!

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  1. Beautiful Holly. One of Paul’s mom’s mottos was “burn it”. There is something about watching things you don’t need going up in smoke. Let’s talk soon!
    Love ya!


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