The little pill box

Yesterday was my birthday and even though we spent almost the whole day at Dana Farber it was still a  great day.  Tad and I got to spend the whole day together alone knowing that Sawyer was well cared for by Papa.  We talked a lot about where we are going to take a vacation and all kinds of fun stuff.  I have to say they are great at DF, normally you would just be sent home.  I was dehydrated which seems like no big deal, but it actually can effect your kidney numbers quite a bit. So she just wanted to be on the safe making sure that was all. So I got a bag of blood and 2  bags of water then hit the road.

I guess through out this process I haven’t realized just how big of a deal a bone marrow transplant really is.  I am so grateful that I have had no issues up to this point, which this really isn’t an issue.  Just me continuing my life as a vampire.  I am going to continue to work with my spiritual body and know the truth.  Instantly, when Amy came in the room to tell me about the numbers I could feel the fear creeping up from my toes and I wanted to cry.  How silly…she didn’t even tell me anything.  When she showed us the numbers she was right it was not a big deal and she explained in detail how dehydration does this along with nausea, dizziness, which I had all of.  I took a deep breath and felt much better.

So I sat comfy in the chair, I saw Tad working, taking a conference call, and continuously checking on me.  My mom and dave really have supported us us in so many ways.  They haven’t missed a beat from the beginning.   It takes many channels of support to get through really anything.  So, I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and friends.  In truth, how I really got through the day with a smile on my face: after I tossesd the fear, I spent about about a half hour connecting to all the beautiful things and blessings I have in my life.  Just in a half  hour I couldn’t believe how many amazing things God has loved on me!  If your having a bad day take even one minute to think of a powerful success that you have worked for or have been given through a blessing.  You will be amazed how quickly it will turn your day around.  You don’t have to hear about other people’s struggles and say ‘wow am I lucky, you can do it right from your internal spirit.  Spend more time on the inside.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes on Facebook and please keep me in your prayers!

Love Holly


  1. Continued prayers and positive energy for you Holly. Thank you for the reminder to count our blessings. Your message came at the perfect time as I have just a few minutes of quiet. we think of you often.


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