Hillary – spiritual guardians

As I am not that technically inclined, I think you have to upgrade within wordpress so that everyone can blog with you.  So this is my 80s version of sharing an amazing post!

Thanks for sharing Hillary.  Love and miss you

 read an account once about a girl who was literally raised by wolves. She was an extremely keen hunter and she moved on her hands and feet. (After she was “rescued” it took years of therapy for her to learn to stand erect but she always preferred to walk on all fours.) Her rescuers observed how she would hunt at night for birds hiding on a wall covered in ivy. In nearly complete darkness, she could identify and capture a bird while the people watching her could barely see anything at all.

This reminds me of what you blogged about being able to identify fear in order to eliminate it. It takes practice to learn to recognize what is a bird and what is a leaf. However, once you know what you’re looking for, you get better and better at spotting those things quickly. Just like fear, it takes practice to “see” those fearful thoughts. And, you don’t need to be afraid of fear. It is simply a suggestion. You can take it or you can leave it. It cannot exist if it is not believed and will then just fade into its native nothingness.

You choose what you believe. Be relentless in your choice! Good and evil/fearful thoughts cannot coexist. You can extinguish fear just as mist evaporates in the sun. It leaves no residue and will not return while the sun is shining.

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