How to Comment!

I am very new to blogging so I have just figured out how to respond to comments so that everyone can see and respond themselves.  Go to

All of the posts that I have published so far are there from beginning to date.  If there is a particular post that you have had similar experience with and would like to add your wisdom go to the bottom of my post and you will see comments.  Press comments and add in your thoughts.  There have been many amazing posts that have really been a blessing.  Also if you don’t agree, please with kindness share your story because this is how we learn from each other.  You can also post it to twitter, facebook, etc if you feel that appropriate.


If you have any questions about it please call me 508 789 7718.  I have an iphone now so I am really good at dropping calls, so please be patient  🙂

I am also in the middle of a loveolution project and would like to get as many people on this blog as possible.  I would also be honored if someone wanted to write a post that they think would help us grow together as one.  I will unroll the project soon as I am working on the website, but it is somewhere along the line of being able to release emotion (past), release fear, envision, allow, and accept that which you truly are in this reality.


Many blessings

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