And so it begins…..

I starred out the window of room 54 almost all night on Thursday, Feb 24 wondering if it would be the day??  I watched all kinds of crazy shows and filled the rest of my time with prayers and vision intake, knowing the last thoughts I wanted going through my head and heart were LOVE.  The next morning I felt different, I KNEW I was going home.   Tears slid down my face as the early morning sun peaked through the blind, God gave me a message during slumber….it was time.  Time to shake it off and live life!  PHEW!!!!  I made it!

Tad got to the hospital and saw my face equally knowing we were out a there!!  Lots of things to do that day, pack, listen to all kinds of discharge but so is how we graced the doors closed on discharge.  The nursing staff on floor 4C just the best.  Through the month they laughed, cried, told strories of all kinds, new relationshiops that mark my space for eternity!

As I have thought many times since August …..And so it begins…. This is the reality upon thinking it so many times, seeing it written so many times, and now knowing in my heart:  THERE IS NO BEGINNING AND NO END, JUST THE FREEDOM WE CREATE ALONG THE WAY!  What a beautiful lesson to truly learn and value on my journey.  An easy one (I would have thought), but just in time to hold hands, guiding through the truth of reaction.  We choose the vessel on the great mighty river.  We choose to dance, to sing, to laugh, to cry, but each emotion is a belief that will help us connect stronger to that which we are trying to create in our life.  As Gods shows us these truths, peeling them back layers at a time, it is quite easy to see that FEAR is the ultimate prize that holds us back.  Fear is the battle that has been fought for  centuries, one man at a time.  It is my belief that many of the battles fought in the bible were metaphysical reflections that told a story.  Call it whatever you would like, but the more clear we become the easier our love heart shines; its beckon home, serving god and all those around us!

This was the post the day before I left the hospital for home!


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