Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Last night at 10 pm Shads cells were brought over to the Brigham from Dana Farber and what a beautiful site they were!  Shad had checked into Dana Farber at 8 am and from 8 am to 4 pm, he sat in a chair donating his stem cells.  He is a hero on many fronts, but I saw and felt something different.  I felt a strong sense of oneness, a connection to my brother that exceeds space and time.  Shad did this for me bc he loves me and I am his sister, but in this story there was a point that they told him he could not be my donor bc his white count was too low.  He fought for me and he made happpen.   His white count came back up and here we are today.  It just reveals how connected we all are to one another.  My mother gave birth to me in 1976, giving me a beautiful life, teaching me to live from my heart among many other things.  Last night Shad gave me a “Rebirth” which taught me that we are all one in heart, love is all and it is time to live without fear and live in truth.

Before the cells were integrated, we had a chaplain bless them with a beautiful stem cell prayer.  I also asked her to share words from my heart. They are as follows:

I surrender to you God. I open my heart and my light to your service.  I release all fears and false ideas that come from my mortal mind and  embrace divine truth as I am made in your image, therefore, I can only be of love.

I am blessed that my brother, Shad, has given me this amazing gift which reassures me that we are all one.

I lovingly accept his cells and his love to work in harmony within my body.

I envision all these beautiful cells working together in the highest vibration of love.

I can feel the healing energy flowing through my body every breath I take; I AM HEALED.

I surround myself with authentic and loving people who share my journey of growth and awakening.   Shanti

And through those words I felt tears of joy trickle down my cheeks as I stared into the eyes of my mother and Tad there was nothing, but love present.  That was a night I will never forget as I felt all the prayers and intentions coming forward from all of you who have been supporting me on my journy.

As the cells started entering my body I felt an awkward sensation in my bones, but they reassured this was normal as the cells are making their way to the marrow.  After my mom and Tad guided me with breath work, I settled in and envisioned these cells entering my body with great acceptance and love.  It was a feeling that is leaving me without words, but a mystical time.  I felt so protected in this miracle that it does not have to be understood.  I embraced the love and we talked for a short while with the nurse, sharing spiritual stories and laughing.  It was an amazing night, my heart is full, and I am grateful for the loveolution.


Much love and light!



  1. Holly, you are so strong! I admire you. As I read those words, tears were coming into my eyes. Keep going! All the best to you. Thinking of you.


    1. Alex,

      I think of you all the time. I was so sad not to have a chance to say goodbye almost 2 years ago, but my thoughts have been with you and your family. We may be moving back to Midwest with Tads job so God may have plans for us in Chicago yet. How are you doing? Your beautiful family? I know Anna is going over to visit, but I am not sure if that has happened yet. I have a gift for you.
      Let me know your address or I will have Anna take it over! Much love!


  2. Almost always pain is involved in birth. Apparently this is to be how we are born, from pain, we gain life, and spirit in a loving celebrated process. Love and Light to you Holly. xoxo


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