Prayers and Thoughts Please!

Today I will be heading to the hospital to do some final workups and testing to get ready for my admission to Dana Farber Spa and Resort tomorrow (Friday, Feb 3).  I will be in the hospital for about a month and will be secluded to the room that I will decorate with pictures and visionary boards that I have been working on over the past weeks.  I will make this space a beautiful healing arena and then when I leave I will look back with gratitude, but I am sure will be ready to head home to finish a full recovery.

Our family has been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support!  I ask that you continue to pray and envision me telling you how easy this transplant has been and how fast it went by.  Envision the doctors telling me that they have never had such an easy transplant patient, see me surrounded by an amazing healing light that will keep me protected.  Lastly, send me love, love, and healing love as I will send you in a perfect harmony of support!

I will be updating every few days and I am sure that there will be some funny posts as being in the hospital is not without its humor.  Send me all the messages and emails that you want as I will enjoy hearing all of your thoughts! Any suggestions for bad TV or great books are welcomed!!  In addition, any sites that are inspirational.


The email I will be checking is,

or         facebook


Many blessings in light as I finish the last phase of this wild adventure!

Love and light!




  1. Hi Holly,
    We don’t know each other but I was Tad’s roommate -and designated driver;-) – in Crete. I send you best wishes and warm thoughts. Lots of love to you and your family…

    Brad Thompson
    Copenhagen, Denmark


    1. Brad Thank you for your kind words! We have been so blessed from the beginning as it was a random blood test that picked up a few misshaped cells….then began the journey! I am in the hospital now going through transplant, my brother is an identical match! Thanks for your prayers. I hope to meet you sometime when Tad and I do our traveling



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