The gift of living.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year and for many a time of celebration/ time that we look into our lives on a much deeper level.  Maybe we make a resolution at Thanksgiving or maybe New Years night, but without question this is a time that is noted for its soul searching and time for changes.  For some it takes one moment in time to recognize that it is time to let go of that which is not serving you and make amazing, positive changes in your life.  What I have noticed this far on my journey since Oct 6, is that as I focus on my healing and my truths the world around me seems to be changing too.  It is so exciting to see the brighter lights and gifts, embracing the shift that has held me captive without my knowledge for a long time.

One theme that keeps showing itself this week is the idea of “living”, truly living.  Putting your feet on the floor in the morning and taking a moment to be grateful for that early morning stretch.  The excitement of what the day may bring and what your contribution will be to this beautiful world.  There are so many songs that support this theme, a few of my favorites- beautiful day by U2, Live Like You are Dying by Tim McGraw, Good Life by One Repbulic…the list goes on as it is a superb thought.  However, I really asked myself if I am living life or if life is living me.  I think that it is extremely easy in adult life to get caught in the grind or some even call it a rut.  Where each day we awake to what we need to do today, already deciding how it may play out, and just going through the day checking off our list.  I want to make clear that as I thought about living it isn’t just about the idea of having fun or laughing, it is the idea of living your truth and embracing gratitude for the day.  It is about connecting to your soul and living how YOU really want to live instead of playing it safe.   Waking up in the morning and consciously watching your first thoughts will be an indication- if you wake up with the here we go…maybe you need to make some changes.  I decided I need to make a few which goes back to this “Dis – ease” being a gift.  It has been the road block to show me so many things to improve my heart song…I am so grateful.

What does living truly mean?  I am really at a loss for words here. Do you enjoy your days with excitement and gratitude or do you get stuck in the mud, in the to do list and just push through your day so you can get to the time where you can relax?  How much time do you spend within the present moment during each day? Do you feel that internal fire bc your work feels like play?

These are some of the questions I asked myself and you could “yeah, but” a lot of them in many directions.  I realize that sometimes we may be in a job that is just a job, or have special circumstances in life, or a challenge, but it is the reaction.  How do you go to that job?  How do you embrace and learn from the challenge? If it is just a job, are you making steps to find the job you really want or making steps to initiate a hobby?  You can make this job an opportunity to motivate others, or have more fun, move outside of your comfort zone.  Many of us talk about “life purpose” as if it is something we must find and we prepare our whole life for… as we surrender to God doors open for us.   As we surrender to how “we are suppose to live” we begin to see the opportunities to connect to our spirit.  An opportunity to listen and respond to our truth peeling back one layer at a time.  A time to live more, play more, engaging the excitement of each breath.

I watch Sawyer wake up in the morning and I literally see a light in his eye – “what will today bring?  What will I explore and learn?” – is what I believe he is thinking..LOL.   We climb out of bed after he peels open my eyes and we sing the “wake up song” which seems to be different every morning.  I watch how exciting each moment is for him all day long, I could just sit and watch him in amazement of his Moxie!  Children have many lessons to teach us and living is one of them…not that they too won’t have challenges, but those are their sacred learning lessons.

We have had to be very creative since we have moved here to make things fun for Sawyer and one night Sawyer was squatting in one of my favorite yoga positions, his little pants hung off his bum.  My dad couldn’t resist and yelled Sawyer “Butt Crack”.  It became a hilarious moment and every time Sawyer sees a butt crack including his cousins barbie doll, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to yell “Butt Crack”.  However, yesterday at the grocery store there was a woman who allowed her pant to sink a little low and Sawyer yelled, with a pointing finger, “BUTT CRACK”.  My dad wanted to melt into the back ground and of course he told the surrounding listeners that his mother taught him that.

My point in sharing this funny story is that children do not hold back, they share the brutal truth and live each moment.  Now of course we shared with Sawyer that it isn’t nice to do that, but I thought later on that night, if someone wants to wear their pants that low then maybe honesty is a good policy.

May we all put our feet on the ground and begin to live our truest life.  Embracing each day as an adventure, letting go of behaving and just LIVE!

Many blessings,


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  1. you sound terrific, holly! i’m so happy for you. i hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and happy, healthy, peaceful 2012. i’m going to be lol’ing every time i see a “butt crack!” now 🙂



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