Thanks and giving

What an amazing week?  It is never easy to hear the words…”you will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.”, but I won’t be the first or the last to share in this experience.  So for this is the time to ultimately give thanks and gratitude for all that we have in life….the lists will go on when you feel moved.

I am grateful for the fact that on Friday I got word that I am free of the loveolution…comeplete remission.  YAY!!!! What better news could there be for my family on a day of Thanksgiving.  It was shocking and there were many tears because this is the start of a new life.  Right after they uttered the words of remission they began talking about bone marrow transplant which is very different from the Hollywoodized idea of transplant from many moons ago.  Today, it is quite anticlimactic, where it looks just like a blood trasfusion.  However, the gift in this story today was that they told me my only biological brother was a match.  My heart stopped, tears were uncontrollable.  My brother and I have not had the closest relationship over the years and it wasn’t for lack of love, just diffeent people.  My mom took my hand in hers and we just cried.  She said he knew that he was going to be  a match as if soemone gave her insight as to what was to come.  He was a 20 percent chance that I would fit his profile so I am considerring a blessing in life.  From understanding the process of transplant it is no joke, but having a related donor match which, makes the whole process much easier as it is your genetic line.  Metaphotirically, when we spoke our energy and kindness sent a different message over the phone. I can only imagne what it feels like to the have the opportunity to save a family memeber…to give life?  He actaully told me he would do whatever he had to to save my life as it was not even a question.  The process is actaully easier these days to be a donor, but just the commiment and love to walk through this process shows the deep ingrained love that leads us in truth.

Family can be the circle tha causes us much angst when we get caught up in all  fictitious parts of life.  When we let the ego guide us down the road of “we are right” and they are wrong”.  But at the end of the day we are family…we have choosen each other to learn from and to heal the realationship.  Sometimes it goes in a direction of defense, but the more we focus on the truth of tearing down all the boundaries as it is just another relationship that should be loved with verocity and forgiven with ultimate light, we begin to heal.   However, sometimes it takes an “illness” to wake up everyone to the gift of family and especially that extention to each person in the world.  Sometime, it just takes an event…..whatever the experience that is were we show gratitiute and we start giving.  We give in a new direction without ego and we love in a new direction that gives the insight to love with reckleckess abandon for each human on this earth.

Family may be the first line of defence that we attack or take ou ton the world on bc we believe they have to listen, but in reality this group should be the ones we cherish the most.  We all have our back story which infact is the reason you have your story.  The protecton to whichever degree opened up a whole new world for you to discover and explore.  We come together on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we have to ask ourself the question:  Do we truly give thanks?  Do we truly appreciate the insight even if we persoanally don’t agree?  Do we just chalk it up to love bc they are family and without then how different would the shade of our tree look. It is not your judge to hold the grudge, but it is your door to open the door with love!!!


Many blessings,



  1. Every time I read your posts, my eyes well up. You are truly an Angel in disguise. Your words, your courage, your bravery are of words I can not describe. I am so happy to hear that you are already cleared & on your way back to full recovery. Family is a wonderful thing. I love you!
    I hope you know if you want/need anyone else to be tested for a match – I will be there.

    You’ve taught me a lot in the past month from reading your posts & I am trying to reflect more on everything. Hugs!


  2. Way to go Holly! I’ve read and reread your post through tears this morning…..happy, thankful, blessed tears!! What a wonderful way to start this magical Holiday season! We all cannot wait to see you and the family. Much love! Donna


  3. You are an angel of true power – the inner power accessed when we release resistance, let go and choose to reside in love.
    Beautiful. I love you!!


  4. Remember when I came to the Tot Play Open Gym at the Park Dist. for the first time with Gloria and Gabe after birth? You said to me, “Grace – you look fantastic! You just had a baby… and you’re just back to normal!” You remind me of this with your post. You just went through chemo and now it’s in remission completely – and you appear to have just sailed through. So similar to pregnancy and birth – life changing, but doesn’t throw you off the horse. And here you are – in remission!! I couldn’t be happier! It looks to have been a pain free labor from here. Love you so much and have been inspired by your every word. Please keep up the postings – as I am sure many people will continue to read. ~G


  5. Holly,
    Thanks for the invite and allowing me to be a part of a fellow blogger. I think of you often and it saddens me to know another friend early in life struggles with a serious illness. but, in your honor, it is positive vibes all around. Happy Holidays.


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