A day of Thanks!

Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I’ll remember.

Involve me and I’ll understand – Confucius

There is a story that Tad shared with me about his journey in Iraq that has always been with me.  It effected me in so many ways because of the emotion that I felt when he shared the story, but it went so far beyond my expectation; a nice surprise in the lesson of the present moment.

Tad was in Iraq and Kuwait in the beginning of the war.  It was obviously a very scary time as going to war and the word itself holds so much power.  I am sure the experience changed his life in many ways and some of that he did share, but I can not fully understand what this experience would be like even if I imagine it 50 times over.  So I listened…  It was one of his first nights there and they had full chemical suits that had to be worn when the sirens engaged.  It was early in the am and he was sleeping when the sirens blasted….he got into his suit and headed for the bunker which was dug into the ground.  There he looked from left to right watching his fellow servicemen in full suit and gas mask, waiting for the all clear sign.   When he shared with me what that moment felt like it was so powerful:  It was maybe a little fear, but mostly  it was a feeling of connection to his fellow servicemen… a strong sense of serving his country.

This to me is such a powerful story of living within your breath.  In that moment Tad did not know what was coming his way, but he naturally engaged in the emotion of the gift of the present.  He felt such strong emotion to the present breath of his journey, instead of living in the future or the land of “what if”.  No one has a guarantee in life, but there are definitely situations in life that force us to live within each breath.  To taste the sweetness of each one and connect you with the ideal life of living this way always.  These situations are a gift because they show us that living in the present moment is the beginning of awareness.  The beginning of expanding our truth and starting to live consciously.  It opens the door to Gratitude and Grace; truly embracing the emotion of being thankful for all the gifts in our life in this moment.

As I will never know what it feels like to be in the military or be involved in wartime, through oneness I got to experience many of Tads gifts that shifted him to living and having gratitude for the Present that is within each breath.  I listened to many of his experiences, without judgment of politics of war, without my opinion.  I listened to the emotion of his experiences and with this I too shifted.

When we begin to set free from the future and embrace our past, we slide right into the present.  We enjoy each breath more, we surrender to how we believe we are suppose to live, and we experience LIVING!

Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin!     ~Grace Hanson

Thank you all to the servicemen and women who have served this country!  I have learned much from your experiences.

Love and light,


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  1. Holly,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love reading your insights on this blog! What a beautiful way to share the intellect and emotion you are experiencing over the last month. You are giving us the gift of appreciation for love of family, friends and life. I could not agree with you more; peace is achieved by living and enjoying life day by day and leaving the rest of what is to come in God ‘s hands. Faith that is unshakeable will continue to grow and keep you safe and comfortable in his hands. I am so glad you are home now, and can’t wait to hear the good news that is to come.




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