Healing Begins

“Our of your innermost being, rivers of waters flow.

Out of your innermost being, joy celestial flow.

Out of your innermost being, banishing all of your fears;

Our of your innermost being, Jesus appears.”

IT HAS BEEN 3 LONG LONG Weeks and the longest roller coaster ride of emotions I have ever known.  Starting this journey off in Chicago and it being such an unexpected turn in life events has taught me many lessons.  It really shows you that we can plan and have direction, but really life is the dancer and we are the dance.  I have less days that make this news seem like it is new.  I believe that much of the processing and healing will begin when I am home.   I have been living in a small room with only a small hallway to escape for walking.  Colleen and Wendy were visiting from Chicago this weekend and were laughing when I took them to “my track”.  20 times around is a mile/40 is 2.  It is four short hallways which I guess can make you a bit dizzy…or so I was told yesterday.  However, it is what has given me much solice from the four walls of room 52.  It was so great to have them visit.  They did body work on me and colleen did Reflexology and Cranial Sacral.  I am blessed to have such amazing friends and support as I can not imagine getting through this without all of it.  I feel refreshed.

Today, I am awaiting the word to go home!!!!  The thing holding me up….insurance.  So a lesson in patience is really taking its toll as I am so ready to be home with my family and animals.  It was 3 weeks ago that I boarded a plane and came right from the airport to Dana Farber.  I am itching to be home, the reminder is that home is internal so I am trying to find the grace when it is most challenging to feel that internal fire instead of frustration.  I am focusing on the flow of this journey and taking it all one day at a time.

I am feeling really good.  So far all news is good.  Bloodwork is showing nothing but good news as is my energy and overall appearance.  I will have a bone marrow biopsy next week and that will confirm the success of the first part of treatment which is really exciting!   Keep positive healing thoughts for me and I for you!!


Much love and light!



  1. Holly, why would your insurance stop you? I think Id escape with or without the insurance. Would you like us to come up there and kidnap you? Maybe that’s what could happen, you were kidnapped. I’m so happy to hear you are going home, can’t wait to get that news. Thinking about you daily, and keeping you in the love and light. Hugs, Lynn


  2. Hi Holly, So glad you had a visit from dear friends…I’m sure that was a great joy for you. You keep inspiring us with your determination, patience, and grace. Good news the blood work is looking LOVEly, and best of luck getting out of there as soon as possible. It will be such a wondrous moment for you! Will going home be to your parents or back to Chicago area? Take care and stay strong, Hugs Maureen xoxo


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