The first day we got to Boston, there was not a whole lot of laughter.  I was practically a shell of thought and just being.  So when I got off my flight from Chicago and checked into Brigham and Women’s hospital for the month, I was uncertain where I would be able to see laughter which I know is definitely a best medicine.  Also, a big part of my personality.  Although I have never been to a  laughter yoga class, just the idea of thinking of things that make me laugh out loud or were silly enough a prospect put a smile to my face. So I began to pretend I was at laughter yoga class….some pretty old funny things made their way to the surface.  Those of you who know me well can only imagine!
Continuing the journey of laughter on  floor 4c was the perfect beginning.  Meg possibly one of the funniest nurses I have ever come across, has no problem busting out into a different dialect to fit the need of the situation…making that which may seem serious somehow not serious at all.  Then of course how could you not join into the loveolution of acting.  “the world is our stage and 4C has become quite a stage”.  The nurses are wanting to do yoga so we are trying to figure that out….so we are just focusing on the simple fundamentals.    Most of the patients on this floor are much older, so I am marching around here like so what are we going to do today?  So funny has really been a mix of personalities, experiences, and just pure joy. In addition, movies, emails that people are sending are HILARIOUS, and of course a few momumental things that I must share tonight on this Halloween night!

The next morning, after being admitted,  the doctor gave me a day pass out to the city.  They said there were not going to start treatment till Monday so enjoy the day with a mask and gloves.  YAY…sounded like good times and perfect for Halloween.  But the city was full of life and weather was set up just for this reason so off we went.  The first day Tad and Sawyer picked up me and my mom in front of the hospital to begin our day in the city.  We drove down town to Quincy Market to be out doors and see lots of people bc you are assured a great deal of laughter.  Without question it was an amazing day. I had a few moments that were tough, watching Sawyer and Tad play.  They are just so connected on so many levels and I knew that no matter what happens to me all would be fine.  They were chasing each other all over the park and a couple stopped as I was taking pictures to assure me she has the same photos and they are well worth it.  A sign  🙂

Then my mom and I went over to Tias on the water to watch the boats and talk.  We noticed a man going barrel to barrel looking for food and of course in my current condition I had no boundaries.  So of course I made my mom do the dirty work and carry over a $20 to this man for dinner.  As she tapped him on the shoulder, he slightly jumped.  He then proceeded to rip up the $20 and call her  a fat, ugly hag.  HMMMMMMM so he was not well and clearly my offer was not either.  My mom and I almost pissed our pants as we tried to recoop the $20 he had thrown back into the trash without being exposed to “germs”.  Can you see this site, me in gloves and a mask sifting for a $20….REALLY.

Then shortly after Sawyer had to go to the bathroom, so Tad took him to the Longward Marriot.  In the bathroom, a man a few stalls down was having a rough go and apparently let a really, really loud one go.. For all of you that know my son there would be the perfect response for the perfect storm.  Sawyer in response said “I heard that”….from the mouth of babes.  It was these 2 events, within moments of each other,  that were filled with so much laughter that allowed me to find comfort in the journey that lay ahead.  There were tears, laughter, motivation, support, and all coming from the most divine person when least expected.  This all happened when I just let go and let God.  I have officically surrendered and it feels so freeing.

In connection to this Halloween night, a night where many believe the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest of the year.  This is a time where you can manifest and connect to Gods will in a renewed way.  You can surrender to the most Divine Power and listen, making the most beautiful changes in your life, to live with happiness, to love with reckless abandon, and to forgive within and peacefully.  Through these truths of spirit, you realize that laughter is one of the many joys that we need to embrace beauty in life daily.  However, it is the surrender to God, combining spirit and love that sets us free.

May we all laugh a little harder today and allow the serious side of life to just float away.


Happy Halloween!!!


Love and light,



  1. Again, wonderful to read your words. You inspire me, and move me in ways you don’t know. But, I am telling you now how important it is to hear from you, in my daily struggles, I long for your support, crazy as that may seem. Thanks so much for helping me to reach to God in hard times. You are an inspiration. Love and light to you infinitely, Lynn


  2. Hi Holly – I’m a former student (rather infrequent I’m afraid) and I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. We had leukemia in my family as well.

    Your story about your son made me laugh out loud – my 3 year old would have done something like it I’m sure. Aren’t they just the personification of joy? Love the little punks.

    Stay strong, stay positive and know that you have a lot of people here in IL sending you good energy.


  3. What a great entry. It reminded me of this phase my Alexander went through when he was around Sawyer’s age. He couldn’t pronounce “tr” so instead he substitued “tr” with “f.”

    Of course, he was super into trains, planes, cars, and…you guessed it “*ucks.”

    “Mommy, Mommy look at that biggggg *uck!” “There’s ANOTHER big *uck.” “I LIKE that big *uck.”

    What a funny dilemma it created. What can you do? Nothing: just laugh.

    Love to you this evening, Holly,



  4. Oh my goodness, I am reminded of where we both were on this night 2 years ago, Holly. Talking to my wee little one, nestled in the womb. 🙂 She had so much to say then, and you should have heard her tonight during “Tick er Teat!” LOL! These babes, God love ’em, for they keep us going.

    Much Love,


  5. Laughter – I think that we sometimes forget how to do that as grown-ups, don’t we! That’s why we need children and ridiculous situations such as your homeless person to help us put things into perspective. My prayers and thoughts are with you, dear Holly. You are a beautiful person inside and out, filled with God’s caring laughter.


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